The sun is a natural atmospheric germ controller. Unfortunately, it is prevented from performing this function indoors. However, this problem can be solved with specially designed UV Germicidal (UVGI) Disinfection Systems, which generate light similar to sunlight. The short wave UVGI light/ray reduces or eliminates germs such as bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and spores from the indoor air of homes, offices, and public buildings. UVGI has been used for decades in commercial settings and now it is widely popular for residential use. Just as important, the KENDO UVGI Disinfection and Sterilization System will accomplish the sun’s job indoors both efficiently and inexpensively.

The Hidden Air Hazards Surroundings You Require A Fully Effective 5 Stage
Fresh Air Solution

How Does UVGI Light Kill The Viruses & Bacteria?

UVGI light kills cells by damaging their DNA. Exposure to the electromagnetic radiation light at certain UV wavelengths modifies the genetic material of microorganisms and destroys their ability to reproduce. The UV energy triggers the formation of specific thymine or cystosine dimers in DNA and uracil dimers in RNA, which causes the inactivation of microbes by causing mutations and/or cell death as well as failure to reproduce. UVGI light can kill all bacteria, including drug-resistant bacteria because UVGI rays is actually attacking the DNA and RNA of microbes. While the amount of UV needed to kill a microbe may vary as there is a relationship between the size of DNA molecules and the effect of UV radiation, there have been no reports of microbes demonstrating an ability to build an immunity to light-based methods.

5 Stage Filtering & Sterilizing System

Stage 1
Pre-Filter Removes hair, dust, cotton fibers and other large particles

Stage 2
HEPA filter Allergens, Animal fur, Harmful chemicals, 0.3μm particle, Pollen, Dust

Stage 3
Active Carbon Filter absorbs formaldehyde, VOCs and Gases Pre-Filter HEPA Filter Active Carbon Filter

Stage 4

UVA LED & Photocatalyst : VOCs, Virus, Bacteria, Fungas & Bad smell UV Light + PCF(Photocatalyst) : UV Light + TiO OH + O-OH + O-+ VOC, Virus, Bacteria(C,O,H,N) CO+ HO + Trace elements (N, Others)

Stage 5

UVC Light DNA structure of Virus, Bacteria and Others damage by UVC Light

Benefits Of Sterilisation

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