Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, SCADA is a system comprised of hardware and software components used to monitor and control industrial processes. Typical applications for SCADA include:  

  • Monitoring and controlling an industrial process  
  • Collecting, processing and analysing real-time data  
  • Interacting with hardware such as drives, motors, valves, actuators and pumps  
  • Collecting, storing an analysing historical process data (data historian) 

Dpstar is an engineering services company that provides specialized consulting services to help clients bring products or technology to market. The specialization of engineering services will range depending on the project scope. We provide plan development, design, and implementation services for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. Dpstar is a progressive technology and innovation-driven company with a team of experienced engineers focused on integrating and delivering creative and results-driven solutions in the development and implementation of Industrial Automation systems. According to different needs, we can help customers plan or design the products meet their requirements. Through cooperation with Dpstar, you can obtain the innovative and professional solutions. 

Industrial automation control systems are becoming increasingly crucial to manufacturing in a range of sectors. Industrial automation control systems involve the integration of devices, machines, and equipment within the manufacturing plant. Industrial automation control system solutions require secure infrastructures to enable communications and data transfers as well as smart devices for the collection of data. Usually, you achieve this through sensors on machines and equipment.  Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are very important for the automation of processes. They allow you to be aware of potential network issues and to make informed decisions to respond accordingly every time. Relying on remote monitoring devices for management and control of equipment virtually eliminates human error. 

Food and Beverage Production 

Keeping temperatures within a proper range is very important when making and processing food. SCADA systems will be used to monitor and control temperatures within these facilities. Food production SCADA applications are used to ensure food quality and meet production goals. All phases of food preparation are typically monitored and controlled. SCADA can be used to control the exact mix of ingredients as well as the time and temperature required to process foods. This prevents foods from being spoiled due to a heating process that was off by a few degrees. SCADA applications are also important in food production to document the fact that the production process meets industry standards and complies with governmental regulations. 

Manufacturing Plant Systems 

Manufacturing plant SCADA precisely control all plant operations. For instance, SCADA can be used to monitor and control temperature, pressure and humidity. It can also be used to monitor production lines to ensure that output goals are being met. SCADA can also control assembly line robots and monitor parts usage so that just-in-time inventory control can be implemented. 

Wastewater Systems 

Wastewater SCADA systems monitor and control lift stations that are used to pump wastewater to treatment plants. Once the wastewater reaches the treatment plant, the treatment process is controlled step by step using SCADA. Wastewater SCADA monitoring is also used to document operations and prepare reports that verify compliance with governmental regulations. 

Electric Generation, Transmission and Distribution Systems 

Electric generation SCADA software is used to monitor every phase of generating electricity from fuel input to electrical output. Such plants have to be able to respond instantaneously to fluctuations in demand. Electric transmission utilities use SCADA to monitor and control the amount of electrical power being transmitted over long distances. 

SCADA is also used for safety and protection purposes. When a transmission line experiences a fault, the system will quickly attempt to clear the fault and restore power. Electric distribution systems also use SCADA to monitor and control electrical substations and distribution lines. 


The pharmaceutical industry brings with its unique challenges. The chemical integrity of prescription drugs and other high-purity substances relies on the strict control of hundreds of variables. These variables can be air humidity and freezer temperatures. Since drugs and substances need to be perfectly consistent across each batch, the monitoring and control of production processes is a must – from processing to transport to delivery. For that, many companies deploy Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. SCADA systems are a very flexible and scalable technology that automates the process of monitoring and control the production of your substances.  

Oil and Gas 

SCADA software applications are used to remotely monitor and control equipment related to pipelines, pumps, storage, offshore platforms and onshore wells, refineries and petro-chemical stations, etc. In addition to using SCADA to monitor and control compressor stations, SCADA software is also necessary from a safety standpoint because it is used to detect anomalies and prevent catastrophic events from occurring. 

Buildings, facilities and environments 

Building management system became a vital source for any building to maintain it and for safety purpose. For complete control of the building, a proper SCADA implementation and the optimization strategy has to be built. The SCADA use to monitor and control HVAC, temperature sensors, refrigeration units, lighting and entry systems. These systems help building managers understand how buildings are operating and allow them to control and adjust systems to optimize their performance. 

Mass transit 

Transit authorities use SCADA protocols to regulate electricity in remote locations. They also use it to automate traffic signals, to track and locate trains and buses, and to control railroad crossing gates. 

Traffic signals 

SCADA regulates traffic lights, controls traffic flow, and detects out-of-order signals. 

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