Dpstar is a turnkey system provider company offering services in Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, and Monitoring. Dpstar offers a comprehensive range of Drive and Motion Systems for use in a wide range of applications across all industries to help customers generate and use energy efficiently. They are designed for reliable operation even under the most demanding conditions, and for low life cycle costs. We providing the best products and services to allow partners more competitive. Our engineering teams are continually updated to keep up with the innovative industrial power electronic solutions like VSD, soft starters, frequency converter, DC supply, voltage stabilizer, inverter, and customized solutions in the field of power protection and high-quality electricity supply for your business.

Power is an essential requirement of industries. An inverter or sometimes called AC drives, Variable Speed Drive (VSD), or Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) is standalone equipment that converts the DC voltage into AC voltage. Inverters ensure that the power supply is uninterrupted and continuous. It is used in various applications like UPS, speed controllers, electric motors, etc. Industries require the use of industrial invertors for the continuous functioning of industry operations. Inverters play a critical role in the manufacturing and production industries. The inverter is able to customize based on industrial requirements.

Applications of Inverter

Food machine 

Inverter play an important role in food factories. Inverter can easily change the rotation direction by simply changing an external signal (rotation command). In addition, it can smoothly accelerate and decelerate with a small current, without passing a large starting current like a commercial power supply, so it can be used for frequent start and stop. The function can also be applied to food machines. For example, in a machine that makes whipped cream, which is essential for making cakes, a skilled craftsman can program the whipping cream as it is kneaded, and inverter controls the direction, rotation speed, and driving time. By doing this, even machine is able to make good whipped cream stably. 


Industries that use large amounts of water for cleaning or cooling purposes, such as electric power, steel, and chemical plants, have water and sewage systems. Inverter pumps are used in these facilities to achieve energy conservation by optimizing machine operation. In the past, it was common for pumps to adjust the flow rate with a valve, but the motor used to run at full capacity, consuming extra power. Therefore, by using inverter motor speed control, the flow rate can be adjusted and the power consumption of the motor can be reduced. 

Oil & Gas 

Every step of the way, from the wellhead to the finished fuel products, inverters are used to start motors and control flow. Controlling flow by adjusting speed avoids energy wasted in the throttling valves. When large flows are involved and the motor energy consumption is significant, varying the speed is the answer. In addition, the motor is protected against starting inrush currents, and control valve maintenance expenses and resulting downtime are minimized. 


Conveyors are used to control the production process by flowing products. AC drive is indispensable to the field of moving things sideways like this. AC drive’s soft start and stop movement, which starts and stops at a low speed, and acceleration/deceleration setting at an arbitrary time, support smooth transportation such as prevention of load collapse. In addition, by reducing the starting current, the load on the power supply side is reduced and the power supply equipment can be reduced. 

Air-conditioning fan

Inverter is used for air conditioning and other air-conditioning equipment essential for creating comfortable spaces. In air conditioning equipment, the volume and flow of air are controlled by fans, but the air flow had to be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the air resistance through a valve called a damper. But with this mechanism, even if the air volume is reduced, the amount of electricity used won’t decrease much. With inverter, the power consumption of the motor can be greatly reduced because the air flow is adjusted by controlling the motor speed. Inverter saves energy by not operating machines more than necessary. 


Inverter for high speed elevators equipped with a regenerative converter to effectively use the regenerative energy. It contributes to saving energy by returning the regenerative energy to the power supply. This helps the elevator system to operate stably, quickly, accurately, and improve safety.


Speed control of a crane plays an essential role in making material handling safer and more effective. Inverter controls deliver smooth starts, acceleration and deceleration, which minimizes load swing and enables fast and accurate load positioning. Smooth starts and stops also reduce wear and mechanical stresses on crane and building structures. 

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