Dpstar manufactures and supplies various type of Maltec-H Cartridge Heater. Cartridge heaters are designed to be inserted into a close fit hole drilled into a mold or platen containing solids to be heated via conduction. Cartridge heaters offer superior heat transfer and uniform temperatures and are ideal for applications requiring higher kilowatts. They are often used for mold die,injection molding,platen heating, rubber molding and many other applications.

  • Construction of a cartridge heater may be divided follows:
    • Heating Coil
    • Insulation
    • Sheath
    • Sealing
    • Termination
    • Lead Wire Type
    • Watt Density
  • Things to Consider When Selecting a Cartridge Heater:
    • What material do you want to heat?
    • What is the maximum watt density for the material?
    • How much of the material (mass) is there to heat?
    • What is the available voltage and phase?
    • What is the starting process (cold) temperature?
    • What is the final/operating process temperature?
    • What is the target heat up time?

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