Dpstar is known in the electric heating industry as a provider of custom designed, quality equipment. The standard circulation heater offering is described here.  Dpstar designs manufactures and supplied commercial and industrial electric heating and control systems that set the industry standard for excellence. Our heating solutions reflect more than 30 years of innovation, product quality and efficient service. The standard circulation heater construction includes an Dpstar Pipe or Pipe Flange Immersion Heater mounted in a thermally insulated pressure vessel with inlet and outlet nozzles. A factory installed and pre-wired thermostat provides automatic process temperature control. Six heater mounting options are available to meet your specific installation requirements. 

Our product offering ranges from process circulation heater to the most sophisticated, custom designed systems.  Dpstar’s attention to detail and rigorous testing give worldwide customers premium products that they receive quickly and at a fair market price. An electric process circulation heater is used as a conduit to facilitate the flow of process fluid directly over heating elements. Circulation heaters heat a variety of fluids from high-temperature gases to hard-to-heat liquids. The heating elements, vessel, terminal connections, and mounting structures are packaged for quick installation. Heaters may be installed horizontally, vertically, or even sloped for vaporizing liquids. 

What Are Circulation Heaters?

Circulation heaters are generally used for pressurized processing fluids. This type of immersion heater is widely used in application of various industries, such as oil storage, commercial food equipment or cooling towers. Circulator heater’s performance and efficiency are comparable to industrial heat exchangers since they follow an equivalent heat exchanging mechanism. Examples of processing fluids that are used include water steam, oil and other pressurized gases. One of the distinctive advantages of the circulation immersion type is the minimized heat loss during a process flow while maintaining high and efficient heat transfer rate. 

A unique feature for our compact circulation heater is that the heating elements are installed inside a well-insulated steel vessel. This insulated space is the key to promote a higher heat transfer coefficient since this prevents heat dissipation into the ambient environment and thus the insulation minimizes the overall heat loss. The heater can be installed as screw plug or flange immersion type depending on the desired operating environment. The circulation heater has two threaded nozzles, which are utilized as fluid inlet and outlet streams. The inlet and outlet nozzles are assured to be compatible with the industrial standard piping. Other specifications such as the sheath material or the heater unit length can also be customized upon request in order to meet specific operating conditions. The circulation heater can be operated either in horizontal or vertical configuration for the purpose of maximizing the heat transfer efficiency depending on the application. 

In order to maximize the heat transfer efficiency and minimize any unnecessary heat loss, Dpstar offers custom designs based on our standard models available from our electric heater catalogs. For special industrial applications, housings and terminal enclosures such as explosion proof (NEMA type 7) can be installed upon request in order to enhance the protection of the circulation heater and most importantly, your valuable medium. If you are interested in purchasing a circulation heater or if you are considering an alternative immersion heater, feel free to contact our office for assistance and consultation. 

Typical Applications

Circulation heaters are utilized in various industries and applications to heat fluids as they flow directly over the heating elements through the system. They can be used for both pressurized and non-pressurized gases and liquids. Typical uses include:

  • Jacketed reactor heating & cooling
    Jacket reactors often must achieve and maintain processing temperatures up to 800° F to ensure proper functionality. In some cases, a circulation heating system is integrated into the jacket to ensure controlled reactor temperature.
  • Molding & extrusion
    Molding and extrusion operations require accurate and precise control over temperatures to ensure the production of quality pieces. Circulation heaters help monitor and adjust temperature conditions as needed.
  • Molten salt operations
    Molten salts are used for thermal energy storage and other high-temperature industrial processes. They can serve as the thermal medium in circulation heating systems, receiving heat from the system and feeding heat into the system.

The above list is not all-inclusive. Circulation heaters can be employed for many other industrial operations, such as:

  • Catalyst activation and dehumidification
  • Caustic solution heating
  • Fuel oil/lube oil preheating and heating
  • Process gas heating
  • Steam superheating

Custom Design & Manufacturing for Unique Requirements

If an element, sensor, control, or packaged system that we carry in stock doesn’t exactly fit your needs, we’ll custom-build it either by expertly adapting an existing product or by designing and manufacturing a completely new one. Our design engineers have won industry awards for innovation and rapid turnaround of custom designs. They bring expert knowledge in process engineering design together with a flair for innovation to help you produce prototypes of new products and systems, developing an innovative design in the shortest possible turnaround time. At Dpstar, our Engineering Teams will explore all of the specifics of customer applications to ensure that we provide the perfect heating solution. Want to learn more about circulation heaters? Contact the Dpstar Group experts today!

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