Dpstar offers standard and custom-engineered electric immersion heaters and electric circulation heaters and controls. Electric process heaters are used in many industrial process applications to heat liquids and gases. Dpstar Thermal Immersion and Circulation electric heaters typically range from 2 to 60 watts per square inch. These heaters are designed and engineered for versatility and are capable of meeting most applications and site requirements.

To meet the necessary sanitation requirements, pharmaceutical companies will often employ Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems in their plant. A CIP system is designed to remove product residues and microorganisms from inside tanks, pipes, vessels, and process equipment without requiring disassembly.

Why a CIP system in pharmaceuticals?

In pharma grade industries, cleaning and sanitation must be performed at appropriate intervals to prevent fouling, reactions, and cross contamination of different elements.

CIP systems rely on steam or hot water as a heating media for their solutions. Tube heat exchangers use the heating medium on the shell side of the exchanger to heat this solution as it circulates through the tubes, typically to approximately 185F.  The stainless steel CIP heaters are normally designed to the same sanitary standard and with the same surface finish as the equipment that is being cleaned.

A typical CIP system includes multiple cleaning steps. First, an initial rinse releases a controlled amount of water to push the product. Then, CIP solution is circulated and heated to the set temperature. Then the CIP solution is recirculated at the proper temperature, and for the proper amount of time to perform the primary cleaning of the system. The CIP solution is then rinsed once, returned to dispose of initial deposits, and then rinsed again. This critical final rinse ensures that the equipment is perfectly rinsed to pharma-grade standards.

Benefits of a CIP system in pharmaceutical

There are many benefits to installing a CIP system. CIP systems ensure optimal cleaning results with the lowest consumption of water. In many cases, the solution from the final rinse can be used again for the next cycle’s pre-rinse.

CIP systems also allow for the processing plant to maintain operation during cleaning. While one part of the plant is cleaned, other areas can continue to produce product. CIP systems minimize manual labor involved in cleaning and enhances safety at the processing plant.

Dpstar Thermal’s electric process heaters are manufactured to the highest quality standards and they are designed to meet ASME Section VIII Div I and PED. Whether shipped loose or packaged as a skid, Dpstar Thermal can provide a complete solution for your application.

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