Dpstar Group specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial heating systems and heat transfer systems. For over 30 years, we have been the experts in industrial process temperature control equipment, and our safe-by-design practices have established our brand of systems that deliver Safe Reliable Performance. Dpstar manufactures both pre-engineered and custom-engineered heat transfer systems that are utilized in nearly every industry and application.

Industrial heat transfer systems are a critical part of many manufacturing and processing plants. They move heat from one part of a system to another, making sure that the right temperatures are maintained for the optimal operation of the plant. However, not all industrial heat transfer systems are created equal, and it can be difficult to determine which one is right for your specific application.

Why Dpstar

Dpstar Group takes a uniquely proactive approach to project management. From quoting through post-delivery support, our customers experience a streamlined and consistent process with on-time delivery. Our team of committed experts and culture of innovation, combined with our quality standards, provides our customers peace of mind that our products will meet their needs, even under the toughest operating and regulatory conditions.

Expertise & Experience

Our team of committed experts and culture of innovation, combined with our quality standards, provides our customers peace of mind that our products will meet their needs

Design & Fabrication Quality

We go above and beyond what is expected and required, to exceed our customer’s expectations and regulatory standards.

Project Management

Our detailed approach to project management includes frequent communication throughout the design, fabrication and testing of your product and prevents roadblocks and streamlines the entire process, from engineering through delivery.

Dpstar’s Heat Transfer Systems

Heat transfer systems or also known as thermal transfer systems or Temperature Control Units, are designed to provide indirect heat to processes using a thermal transfer fluid. Thermal Transfer fluids include water, glycol, water-glycol mixtures, and thermal oils. Heat transfer systems provide heating and cooling of exothermic processes. Heating and cooling can be accomplished using the same thermal transfer fluid. Heat Transfer Systems are used when close even temperatures are required across the process.

Dpstar provides standard and custom thermal transfer systems. Capabilities include complete engineering, manufacturing in house and field service for startups. Standard document package includes P&ID, General arrangement drawings, equipment and instrument data sheets, and installation and operation manual (IOM).

Why Choose Custom Design?

Sometimes an off-the-shelf or pre-engineered system is not the best solution to meet the objectives of a specific process. Typically, the need for a custom system is driven by a variety of factors such as: space constraints, existing utilities, interconnecting piping available for use, corporate plant specifications, or the simple demand that a process requires tight and accurate temperature control.  Other times it is simply driven by the desire to have Safe, Reliable Performance and the peace of mind that a custom-designed system will meet the factors that are most important to that specific customer.

Dpstar has specialized in engineering and fabricating custom process temperature control equipment from the beginning. We have the process knowledge and experience to help guide our customers to the best solution for their unique situation.

Success Stories

For a number of years, Heat Transfer System has been supplying Malaysia’s rubber glove manufacturers industry with heat transfer system to recover useful and valuable heat. Dpstar’s wide range of heat transfer system solutions mean that it is able to supply the ideal solution for any situation, from simple plate heat transfer system to more advanced designs.

We supplied whole system included Heater Tank, Controller Panel to heat up water for reactor jacket. Control panel proposed to control the temperature and maintain to 45 deg°C. Following innovations and improvements, deaerators were installed, wrong equipment selections were corrected. As a result of our efforts, we increased the energy efficiency in the entire factory by 20%.

Build Your Own System Today!

Many customers require a custom-designed heat exchanger to meet their unique requirements.  Accordingly, we are experts at custom heat exchangers.  Therefore, we design and manufactures heat exchangers in all shapes and sizes to maximize performance and minimize cost.  Furthermore, we can develop a unit to your exact specifications or design a custom system that achieves your desired performance requirements.

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