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The food, beverage, and agriculture industries are required to adhere to strict safety guidelines and regulations to prevent contamination and preserve the high quality of end products. Compliance to safety is so critical that even minor issues can impact produce quality, food safety and result in low yields, unexpected downtime and low-quality end products. Measurement instrumentation helps to prevent issues when growing or processing food and when producing beverages. Reliable and accurate process monitoring and the ability to provide tools are crucial to optimizing the entire production process, from growing the food to preparation, manufacturing, filling, packaging, and storage. 

Dpstar is a leading supplier of instruments and monitoring solutions. With the highest quality assured and customer care as our focus, Dpstar provides a wide range of instruments, manufacturing capabilities, calibration and repairing services. As a one-stop instrumentation house, Dpstar provides wide range of measurement and control products ranging from temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, calibrator, explosion proof and environmental measurement. 

With more than 30 years of experience in instrumentation business and a strong technical support team, you can be assured of our services. At Dpstar Group, we have manufacturing facilities to custom-make temperature sensors and heaters to meet your requirements. We also provide on-site calibration and express calibration services. 

Dpstar’s Benefits


In the event of critical climate data, you will receive alerts via e-mail, SMS, or directly on site.


Automated, uninterrupted recording rather than manual documentation work.


Dpstar fulfils the requirements of EN 12830 and is HACCP-compliant.


You can extend the system at any time – to accommodate any number of measuring points and measurement parameters

Efficiency & Sustainability For The Food Industry

Measuring Relative Humidity & Dew Point

In many high-temperature baking and drying processes, measuring humidity requires specialist instruments that are not only stable, reliable, and accurate, but are also suitable for demanding conditions. For example, the drying of demineralized whey can be optimized using Vaisala’s humidity and temperature transmitters to measure humidity and temperature in the dryer inlet and outlet air. The inlet air humidity data is used to control the process, while the outlet air humidity data correlates with the moisture content of the powder and thus can be used as an indicator of final product quality. This saves time and energy by avoiding overdying.

Measure Vaisala CO2 Meters, Detectors

Vaisala CO2 meters, detectors, and indicators are suitable for a wide range of applications, from fermentation and fruit storage to safety and ventilation control. Carbon dioxide is used, for example, to carbonate soft drinks. While the containers are being filled during the bottling process, large volumes of CO2 can escape from the fillers into the surrounding atmosphere. Because CO2 is twice as heavy as air, carbon dioxide sinks into the bottom of the room and in areas with poor ventilation. As CO2 is colorless and odorless, it can only be detected using appropriate measurement devices. By using such devices manufacturers can ensure that the level of CO2 does not exceed set workplace exposure levels. Our CO2 measurement devices are based on our unique, second-generation CARBOCAP® technology, which ensures exceptional stability, exposure levels.


Even the most high-performance measurement instruments require regular calibration and maintenance to ensure they can continue to provide accurate data. A Calibration Care agreement from Vaisala is an economical way to ensure regular calibration of your instruments for the long term, while our Premium Care agreement is more comprehensive. 

Why do we need good-quality Humidity, Temperature & CO2 measurements? 

Whatever the end product, process, or need, the goals are similar in almost all applications: a CO2 measurement that accurately reflects the environment and meets the application requirements. As carbon dioxide results from the metabolism of a living organism and is also an important part of photosynthesis, we cannot ignore its importance when considering process safety, or when discussing productivity or product quality. By understanding how CO2 works in selected processes, we can take advantage of the benefits it offers and optimize our efforts to improve results. 

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Get everything from Dpstar – We offer you advice, carry out the installation, commissioning and configuration. Apart from this, we also look after the mapping, distribution measurement and calibration. 

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