Dpstar Designs Turnkey Solutions For Electrical Heat Tracing And Thermal Systems

Dpstar is the Authorized Distributor of Chromalox for Electrical Heat Tracing in Malaysia. Dpstar has more than 30 years of experience designing and delivering solutions to best meet the needs of each customer and application. Dpstar’s heat tracing solutions keep critical processes operational, protect pipes and equipment from freezing, keep the flow in transfer lines and provide safety and comfort heating in buildings. That’s how we help keep people safe from harm, maximize your productivity, enhance building performance and optimize energy efficiency.

Today we are known as the trusted experts who help companies solve the world’s most demanding and complex industrial heating challenges. Together with our partners, we specialize in understanding the specifications of particular processes in the petrochemical, refining, pulp, paper, and power industries.  We help in the design of customized heat trace systems and the selection of the correct type of heat tracing bundles.  Our recommendations and products reflect the knowledge of industry practices, regulations, and code requirements, ensuring a complete solution for your specific application.

Sustained Leadership for More Than 100 Years

Chromalox started with an innovative solution 100 years ago when a self-taught engineer invented the first metal-sheathed resistance heating element. It was this then-advanced-thermal-technology that launched an entire industry. That pioneering, innovative spirit continues today. Built on opportunity and innovation, Chromalox has grown to serve an increasing number of global markets and industries. Chromalox excels in industries that have high expectations and are acknowledged as experts at delivering solutions that exceed specifications, limit risk, and reduce operating costs. Chromalox has a broad line of heat trace cable, controllers, sensors, accessories—everything you need for your heat trace systems. Chromalox manufactures its own products, producing enough heating cable each year to stretch across the continent.

Our Capabilities

Optimize Operations

Improve your processes and increase your overall efficiency.

Safe Performance

Safely heat and protect critical materials and equipment without overheating or burning.

Custom Solutions 

Get a solution built specifically for your application and unique temperature requirements.

Save Time and Money

Prevent waste, lost time, and unnecessary labor costs. Dpstar protects your bottom line.

Precision Heat & Control

Our complete heat trace systems are designed to optimize each individual application and feature our extensive line of heat trace cable, control and monitoring products. Count on us for your most demanding applications including process temperature maintenance, long pipe line heating, foundation heating, snow/ice melting, and freeze protection of pipes, tanks, valves and instrumentation.

Our design services team works as an extension of your business from Front-End Engineering & Design (FEED) study throughout project completion. Our engineers assist your engineers and take responsibility for ensuring the most effective heat trace system is selected, designed and implemented on your project. Our system design philosophy ensures that the right products are integrated, and risk to plant operations, budget and schedule is held to a minimum.

Solutions for Industrial Applications

Petroleum Refineries

Maintain petroleum and by-products at process temperature.

Power Plants

Trace steam condensate lines and other chemical additive lines.

Division 1 & 2 

Maintain the temperature of hazardous and corrosive environments.

Freeze Protection

Ensures that a minimum temperature is not exceeded at any time.

Wastewater Treatment

Prevent the precipitation of NaOH from solutions.

Food Processing Plants

Maintain viscosity of products in processes such as chocolate, oils, and tallow.

Instrument Lines

Maintain temperature and prevent freezing to ensure correct data analysis.

Asphalt Lines

Prevent unacceptable viscosity increase or solidification.

Storage Tanks

Prevent freezing of contents and ensure products are stored at proper temperature.

Our Services


Our engineers are experts in designing the best Electrical heat trace solution utilizing our latest technology to meet your heating needs. Dpstar’s Engineering team always puts the priority on creating a safe, efficient, and cost-effective system. Our Engineers have the advantage of providing the complete heat trace package, which included the power distribution design and the heat trace design.


Our installation team delivers the highest quality Heat Trace installation no matter the project size or location. Dpstar’s team is highly trained to work in hazardous and non-hazardous locations as well as high elevation buildings. We can proudly say our safety record shows zero work incidents. Dpstar team has top electricians and technicians who always complete the installation safely according to the schedule.


Dpstar can provide the support needed to verify and review the installation to ensure it is completed safely and according to the approved design and the National Electrical Code. Commissioning service will include providing a complete in-depth report indicting the installed heat tracing system’s performance and the power distribution. Dpstar team is also available to program any type of temperature controller.

Maintenance & Repair

At Dpstar, we provide the Maintenance Management Program for any size of the project, whether it’s a plant shutdown, scheduled maintenance, sudden outage, troubleshooting, we are a phone call away. Our Maintenance team is available to provide support anywhere, anytime. Our Maintenance team is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to provide technical and repair services to our clients.

Electrical Heat Tracing Products

Dpstar Offers Complete Solutions

Dpstar can help you with all aspects of heat tracing for pipes, vessels, instrumentation and other process equipment. Together we can ensure that materials selection circuit layout, installation and operating costs will all be considered for your particle application. From initial planning stages through installation and final commissioning, Dpstar provides a total systems approach precisely tailored to meet your heat tracing needs.

Our Clients

Get The Heat Trace Experts on Your Side

As an extension of your own engineering team, Dpstar engineers also prove to be a valuable resource, should any assistance be needed beyond the initial design, application, and installation. Dpstar’s engineering team provides a diverse range of expert knowledge and assistance to meet any client’s needs. Our goal is to help our customers optimize their heat trace systems while offering the lowest installation cost and minimizing installation time. We also want to be your personal resource center should you encounter any issues with your industrial heat trace systems.

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