We are an industrial automation specialist, Dpstar has the capability to design, build, testing, install & commission the right control panel & right control system solution based on customer specific requirements. We also offers electrical control products ranging from breakers, power meters, switches, variable frequency drives, soft starters, PLC, HMI, SCADA system & robotic packaging system.

Since the 90s, Dpstar has redefined the standard of excellence for pilot plants across all industries. During this time, we have remained ahead of the curve with all design and fabrication trends—including modular construction.

Dpstar Pilot Plant’s Control Systems

Our pilot plant control systems consist of high-quality hardware and software that guarantee maximum production reliability and efficiency. There is a choice of different control solutions and operating concepts to meet the respective customer requirements.

We offer expertise and the latest technology when working with our customers to facilitate new and retrofit control systems including support with specifications, fabrication and installation and we’ll work closely with your automation team to implement the final control solution.

Dpstar’s control systems guarantee smooth and efficient workflows and offer the following benefits:

  • Real-time monitoring of the entire production process for a centralized overview of all parameters
  • Easy-to-read display of the target-actual comparison for the entire production department
  • Quick and Easy installation
  • Longer functional life

Our Success Stories

Dpstar supply and install instruments, heater and PLC include programming, testing of power distribution, control modules, wiring and engineering related works in a pilot plant.

The selection of different equipment features and functions is very high. Depending on the individual design of the plant and the selected control version, different solutions are possible. Further plus points are the detailed and fast traceability along the entire value-added process, the comprehensive quality management and reporting as well as the maximum security through a user administration and a clear alarm system.

Item Supplied

  • Siemens PLC Panel
  • Maltec-H Heaters total 100KW
  • Aplisens Pressure Transmitter
  • Finetek Level Gauge
  • Rueger Pressure Gauge

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In addition to full service design and fabrication of new plants, Dpstar can perform control system upgrades for existing pilot plants. Our in-house personnel have experience with various control systems. We can help you improve the value and extend the life of your plant, which can help you control costs in the long run. Dpstar Group is the premium choice for all your instrumentation design, installation, and maintenance needs. Contact us discuss your electrical instrumentation and design project.

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