Dpstar is the expert when it comes to any kind of heating solution whether you are heating liquids, air, gas, or any other substances. We are skilled in a wide selection of technologies guaranteeing our customers an optimal solution for their specific heating elements. Dpstar strives to tailor our technology and know-how to design ever more efficient heating systems and solutions for your needs. Since the ’90s, through experience and R&D, we have been improving our customized heating element, the key component for making your process more efficient and durable. This gives you the power in your process to heat and meets your needs, thereby ensuring a safer and more sustainable environment and a more efficient and innovative industry. Dpstar has grown to serve an increasing number of global markets and industries. We excel in industries that have high expectations and we are acknowledged as experts at delivering solutions that exceed specifications, limit risk, and reduce operating costs. 

Dpstar is your source for reliable and efficient biodiesel heating equipment. We produce some of the most advanced thermal fluid heaters available in the industry that require minimal maintenance or service, helping you maximize your profit and ensure your operation remains up and running. With over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing heating equipment, we are your one stop solutions for biodiesel heating processes.  

What Is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel refers to the liquid fuel manufactured after processing renewable raw materials like animal fats and vegetable oils. These raw materials might be freshly collected or old materials that have been in storage. Biodiesel is produced by blending vegetable oils, grease, and animal wastes with a certain amount of alcohol. 

Challenges Of Heating Biodiesel

Preheating biodiesel comes with its own specific challenges. Biodiesel has greater caustic characteristics than traditional fuel sources. As a result, the equipment has a much higher failure rate. That means more frequent replacement, more maintenance, and lost/damaged product. The caustic nature of the medium leads to premature rusting and/or deterioration of equipment. This includes the steel sheath of the biodiesel heater. As well, the caustic elements make maintaining flow for biodiesel more challenging than other mediums. This can lead to a buildup on top of elements. Which results in shorter lifespans for biodiesel heaters. At Dpstar, we provide you the best solution, our thermal fluid heaters can help improve the profitability of your biodiesel refinery and can help you produce high-quality biodiesel, efficiently, effectively, and long life span.

Benefits of Biodiesel Heaters

Biodiesel heaters are the preferred method of heating biofuels. They offer flexibility and customizability in construction, so they address the specific needs of the medium. For example, choosing stainless steel 316 sheaths when heating a caustic solution. As well they offer: 

  • Efficient heat transfer 
  • Lower operational costs than fossil fuel-powered heaters 
  • Longer lifespans than fossil fuel-powered heaters 
  • High-pressure ratings (up to 25000 PSI) 
  • Explosion-proof housings 
  • A selection of housing options 
  • A number of available thermo sensors and controllers 

Picking A Heater for Biodiesel Applications

For biodiesel, there are two options for circulation heater which is flange or screw plug. Circulation flange heaters are easy to install and come in any configuration required. They are safe, stable, durable, and highly efficient. They heat large volumes and can reach temperatures as high as 1,200 degrees. The lower Watt density ideal for biodiesel manufacturing can make screw plug circulation heaters a great choice. These heaters screw directly into the tank and have a high degree of control. They are best for smaller applications. Every application is a little different with variations such as size, climate, and medium. Dpstar representative can help you determine the best circulation heater for you.  

Biodiesel heaters can be designed as direct immersion heaters for insertion horizontally near the bottom of a biodiesel storage tank or vessel; for insertion from the top of the biodiesel storage tank or vessel through a man way with an over the side design (which is an “L” shaped heater), or for insertion into a “drywell” casing which heats the biodiesel via a heat transfer method and allows the heater to be removed and changed out without draining the tank.  These tubular element heaters are available in steel, stainless steel or incoloy elements (depending on the grade of biodiesel you are using) which are brazed or welded (depending on the grade of biodiesel you are using) onto 2” ANSI to 24” ANSI flanges and are available with or without thermostats.  They can be made with General Purpose, Weather-Resistant or Explosion-Resistant Terminal Enclosures.   

Custom Thermal Fluid System for A Biodiesel Processing Application

Dpstar is a custom heater manufacturer engineering product that improve efficiency, enhance product reliability, and reduce costs for our customers. Dpstar has always been active in a broad range of industries and heating applications. These diverse markets give us great stability in addition to insights and experience from many fields. Whether you’re looking for an entire thermal fluid heating system for your biodiesel distillation process or just need a few components, Dpstar is your one stop heating solution. From industrial biodiesel heating systems customized to meet your needs to steam generators to heat exchangers and beyond, we can cover all of your process heating needs. 

Dpstar has success managing the challenges of heating biodiesel. Dpstar engineered a custom thermal fluid heating system for use in their bio-diesel processing plant. Since the demand for these sustainable, next-generation fuels is on a growth curve, we worked side-by-side with the customer at every stage, weighing all the alternatives, validating all of the design elements, and evaluating all of the components to ensure that the system was as efficient, reliable, and scalable as possible. 

The oil should be kept at an optimum temperature for the most efficient filtering during production. WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil) and SVO (Straight Vegetable Oil) tend to thicken-up at room temperature, so refineries must reduce the viscosity to flow better during filtration. Dpstar biodiesel heating systems provide a safe and efficient heating source to increase biodiesel production efficiency. Dpstar heating systems are designed to provide a practical and efficient means for viscosity control. Applying heat to the WVO and SVO reduces the viscosity of the oil and makes the production process faster, smoother, controllable, and more efficient.  

For more information on this project, our design and engineering capabilities, or our custom thermal fluid systems, contact us today! Our thermal fluid heaters can help improve the profitability of your biodiesel refinery and can help you produce high-quality biodiesel, efficiently and effectively. 

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