Dpstar Group is one of the leading suppliers of electric heat tracing equipment for both process temperature maintenance and freezes protection applications. We can provide a variety of associated products and services to complement our heat tracing product range.

What is Heat Tracing?

Heat Tracing is one of the methods of applying heat to a body, or to a product (liquid, powder, or gas) contained within a system (pipework, vessel or equipment) for storage or transportation, in order to avoid processing problems or difficulties.

Heat may be applied for liquids, powders or gases as below:-

  • Liquids – To prevent freezing and enable plumping by reducing the viscosity of the liquid.
  • Powders – to eliminate condensation from the walls of equipment that could result in ‘clogging’ of the product.
  • Gases – to prevent hydration due to a drop in gas pressure across pipework fittings such as valves.

Applications for Electrical Heat Tracing:-

  • Tank Container Heating
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Industrial Pipe Heating
  • Vessel and Container Heating
  • Bitumen Applications
  • Gas Applications
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Processing Industry
  • Cryogenic Storage Tank Bases
  • Laboratory Applications

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