Heat-proof electric cables using silicon rubber as an insulating material. The main uses are for home appliances, residential facilities, office equipment, automotive electric appliances, etc., where its heat-resistance (180 degrees centigrade), excellent electric properties, and feasibility are needed. In addition, there are some wire lines that comply with the UL/CSA of overseas-standard products and the Electrical Safety Law.

Heating Cords FLEXCORD®

Heating Cables, Heater Cables FLEXUNIT®

Drain-Line Heater Cables FLEXDRAIN®

Heating Tape PVC And Silicon Insulation – FLEXTAPE®

Constant Wattage Heating Cables FLEXTRACE®

Selflimiting Tape Heating Cables FLEXTRACE®

Serial Heating Cables FLEXTRACE®

Serial Heating Cables FLEXTRACE® SR

Ready To Use Heating Cable STOPGEL ANTIFREEZE®

Underfloor Heating Cables, Electric Underfloor Heating FLEXFLOOR®

Crankcase Heaters, Heating Belts FLEXBELT®

Heating Mat, Heater Mats FLEXMAT®

Heating Plates FLEXPLATE®

Drum Heaters FLEXDRUM®

Connection Kits For Constant Wattage Heating Cable FLEXKIT®

Connection Kits For Selflimiting Heating Cable FLEXKIT®

Junction Box For Heating Cables FLEXKIT®

Fitting Accessories For Heating Cables

Thermostats For Heating Elements – FLEXKIT®

Kits De Racordement FLEXKIT® SR

Hygrothermostats FLEXKIT®

Power Modulators FLEXKIT®