What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is on the rise due to automation and the ubiquity of computing power and has spurred what many consider yet another Industrial Revolution. Over the course of the 18th and 19th centuries, the Industrial Revolution drove new manufacturing technology that would fuel the economic growth of significant parts of the globe and a new standard of living for centuries. Steam power, machines of all types, interchangeable parts, and innumerable other advancements offered manufacturers unparalleled levels of productivity and profitability.

Industry 4.0 this new era of manufacturing bears many similarities to earlier revolutions — new technology builds on that of the past to automate and streamline previously manual, fragmented workflow processes. If Industry 1.0 represented the rise of water and steam power, 2.0 the advent of electric power, and 3.0 computing capabilities, Industry 4.0 harnesses the inter-connectivity of machines, processes, and products.

The industry 4.0 manufacturing concepts of the future should gain benefits from new sensing technologies, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, adaptive robots, smart valves, and autonomous smart control applications for bringing maximum added value in smart processes of the next generation.

FMM – Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry in Malaysia started to grow in the early 80s when the economy saw the shift in emphasis from agriculture to manufacturing. This major shift was needed to turn the country from import dependent to a more export oriented one, in order to sustain the economy in the longer term.

The situation brought an opportunity to more people, as the manufacturing industry is labor intensive.

The growth also brought about greater competition in every manufacturer to provide better products and services. The management staff, especially the front-line supervisory staff, needs to equip themselves with a broader set of knowledge and skills, to enable them to be more proactive in their job and make better decisions for the benefit of the company. This program will expose the supervisors to the critical aspects of manufacturing, especially in the Production and Quality area. They can then help to propel the company to a world class standard.

Federation of Malaysia Manufacturers (FMM) is a leading private sector organisation representing the interests of over 3,000 leading industrial establishment in Malaysia. FMM provides trades, business and management support services to facilitate business operations of its members. FMM are an important companies seeking links with Malaysian manufacturers and service providers for investment, trade and services.

Benefits of FMM Industry 4.0

  • Digital Culture Change
    Industry 4.0 transforms how we communicate, learn, work, and relate to each other. An organization can bring the whole business along for the digital transformation ride and ensure that Industry 4.0 is a success. Having clear change management and implementation strategy will enable an organization to realize the full value of technology while guaranteeing strong ROI and user acceptance.
  • Reduce Costs and Increase Profitability
    The manufacturing cost at your facilities will dramatically reduce due to Industry 4.0 technologies adoption such as real-time visibility, better track & trace system, data management, and more.Drive operational excellence to increase profitability and company value with better use of resources, less machine & production downtime, fewer quality issues, fewer resources, material & product wastage, etc.
  • Driving Manufacturing Operation Digital Transformation
    Track and optimize productivity and standards, metrics, and performance targets to ensure effective return on assets. Make better data-driven decisions that enable continuous improvement to accommodate changing business needs.

Advantages of Joining FMM Industry 4.0’s Committee

  • Understand the World-Class manufacturing standards
  • Understand the importance of planning and controlling
  • To assist Malaysian companies, especially SMEs to learn to leverage on new technology and digitization improve business performance, to grow and thrive;
  • To provide a platform for technology practitioners and manufacturers to network and learn from each other;

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