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Dpstar is a manufacturing company developing electric heating products for use around the world over 30 years. We offer a variety of industrial process heating systems to meet your application needs. As a process heating system manufacturer, we are experienced in providing not just high-quality manufacturing services but excellent customer service as well. With uncompromised dedication to our customers, we offer solutions and not just products. Our development in oil and gas industries, renewable energy, HVAC systems and government projects help customer like you to get alternative solutions for your projects to get off the ground in the most cost-efficient way. Dpstar electric inline circulation heaters are designed to provide a clean and efficient means to heat flowing fluids in many industrial and commercial applications. The compact design of these heaters makes them easy to install in almost any location, and since they use electricity to generate heat, they are a very safe and environmentally friendly way to warm up your liquids.


Dpstar manufactures electric industrial circulation heaters, also Commonly referred to as an inline circulation heater, our heaters provide a clean and efficient means to heat flowing gases or liquids. They consist of an assembly of heating elements, pressure vessel (tank), terminal housing, mounting hardware, insulation and inlet/outlet connections. Depending on the process conditions, circulation heaters can be manufactured utilizing different element sheath materials, vessel materials, terminal housings, and power and pressure ratings. Additionally, circulation heaters are designed so that the flow is forced directly across the heating elements to deliver rapid response and even heat transfer. Using standard screw plug and flange immersion heater designs, we can offer a wide variety of inline circulation heaters with various power ratings, materials, sizes and flow capacities. Standard designs allow for quick replacement and retrofit. Custom-engineered circulation heater units designed with various options to fulfil most any industrial or process heating application.

Benefits Of Using Dpstar’s In-line Circulation Heaters

Dpstar has been manufacturing inline circulation heaters over 30 years.  Aside from our long history there are two main advantages to using an Dpstar inline circulation heater.

  • Customized for your application:
    Each application is unique in that process parameters differ. By selecting a custom heater, you guarantee that the heater will operate and perform at a level that delivers your desired process requirement.
  • Consultative approach to design:
    When you chose to work with Dpstar, you’ll be working directly with an electric heating expert. We’ll work to understand your unique application and understand your desired process outcome.

Why Choose Dpstar

30 Years of Experience

Over 30 years of expertise in the process heating system, with our combined engineering knowledge measured in centuries.

Develop Solution

A “can-do” culture that takes on tough application challenges and providing solutions that produce positive results.

Our Commitment to You

An engineering process that integrates our resources with yours to produce a collaborative solution that has considered all areas of design impact.

Custom Solutions

Deep in-house capabilities that combine niche, custom processes that otherwise would require multiple sourcing or secondary outside vendors.

Your success depends on your supply chain partners. You need to know each one is an expert in their field a company dedicated to being your long-term partner in success. That’s Dpstar Group. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our extensive expertise. We’re certain you’ll agree, Dpstar is the clear choice to be your process heating partner.

Dpstar’s Success Stories

With more than 2 decades of experience in designing and manufacturing, Cyclosystem have developed the most extensive range of Standard as well as Customized Cleaning Solutions and Other Process-Related Equipment. Cyclosystem also recognizes and understands the fast-changing trends for industrial parts washers and systems which utilise less floor space, reduction in chemical and water consumption, generate lesser effluents and produce pristine clean parts at the lowest cost possible for the client.

Cyclosystem required to heat up fresh water and recycle water in a wash plant with total power of 150kw. Dpstar supplied 3 units of 50kw inline circulation heater in this project. The heating system is very important for the daily operations of a factory. In order to ensure the smooth production process, the heating system should be able to provide heat quickly and evenly. The heat exchanger can quickly heat up the workshop and maintain a stable temperature. The right computation of total power required to heat up the water. Every equipment & heater is engineered to ensure that all our clients’ requirements are met. In addition, Dpstar also provides other services such as Consultancy, Project Management, and Other Automatic System Design, etc.

Selecting Dpstar’s Inline Circulation Heater

When heating liquids (forced flow and natural flow heating loops):


Make sure that the heater vessel remains totally filled when in use


Use a circulator pump to achieve forced flow heating for heavier liquids or high-temperature liquids heating purposes


Set natural flow systems to “side arm” water heating applications


Mount the heater in the vertical position where top of the heater is below the minimum liquid level of the tank

Ordering A Dpstar’s Circulation Heater

Dpstar has been designing, manufacturing, and innovating in the industrial heating industry for over 30 years and serves a range of clients all over the world. Our dedication to our customers is matched only by our dedication to high quality products.

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Contact Dpstar to find an innovative, cost-effective solution to your problem. It all begins with a consultation with a Dpstar representative. From there we get to understand your needs and work together to come up with the most efficient solution.

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