Dpstar is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurements. Our extensive knowledge and expertise are materialized in our selection of innovative products. Dpstar stands for observations for a better world. We believe in a world where measurements and observations improve every aspect of daily life. One of our core values is quality, and our aim is to provide our customers with products and services that best fulfill their needs, offering a mix of performance, reliability, and convenience. Our HVAC sensors and transmitters are the industry standard for use in achieving maximum energy efficiency, from the optimization of cooling towers to demand-controlled ventilation.

What Makes Dpstar Different

Dpstar brings best-in-class value to our customers every day. To ensure we continue to understand your needs, we take customer feedback seriously and cater to your specific requests. Our premium manufacturing facility and our state-of-the-art cleanrooms and laboratories ensure that the instruments we offer meet your requirements in a wide variety of applications. The high quality of our HVAC products brings major benefits for all your project stakeholders. The transmitters are easy and fast to install, they show correct values immediately after power-up, and remain stable without maintenance.

Flexible integration with all system types

Real-time HVAC data monitoring

Real-time HVAC equipment control

Notifications on HVAC improper functioning

Interactive platform dashboard analytics

Cloud-based data storage and server security

Expert support to help you every step of the way

Preventative maintenance real-time monitoring

Ensure Continuous Monitoring Across Your Entire Facility

Well-monitored heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system will optimise a building’s energy-efficiency, whilst providing its users with thermal comfort. To achieve better performance from HVAC systems, interior monitoring can provide unbiased evidence of system operations – good and bad. It can help locate the source of comfort problems and diagnose HVAC equipment operation, leading to insights for correcting inefficiencies and optimising equipment, plus verifying savings, and contributing towards achieving environmental certification.

Get real-time alerts for HVAC events that require your attention by monitoring every element of your system with our transmitters and sensors. These commercial and industrial air conditioning and heating system monitors can notify you about abnormal temperatures in ducts, A/C units, or boilers.

Excellence in Measurements

Unrivalled Performance

Accurate measurements are essential for healthy indoor air and improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Sensors and transmitters from Vaisala are renowned for their unrivalled performance, reliable results, and low total cost of ownership.

For Cutting-edge Solutions

Our selection of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide transmitters are perfect for HVAC monitoring and controls, such as building automation systems, demand-controlled ventilation and building management systems.

Healthy & Sustainable

The unique, cutting edge Vaisala sensor technologies are manifested throughout our versatile range of products. The transmitters have an exceptionally long lifetime and excellent measurement stability, thus being practically maintenance free. These are among the many reasons why Vaisala’s products are a sustainable choice.

5-year Warranty

We are confident in the lasting quality and long lifetime of our measurement instruments. We are offering a standard warranty period of five years on our transmitters for building automation. Vaisala’s high-quality, reliable measurement instruments offer an exceptionally long lifetime, need minimal maintenance, and provide excellent measurement stability. This makes them the ideal choice for reliable HVAC control. Our transmitters for building automation are covered by 5-year warranty.

Our Products Solutions

Room Transmitter

HMW90 Series
Humidity and Temperature Transmitters

TMW90 Series
Temperature Transmitters

GMW90 Series
Carbon Dioxide, Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Duct-Mount Transmitters

HMD60 Series
Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

TMD60 Series
Temperature Transmitters

HMD110 Series
Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Light Industrial Transmitters

HMT120/130 Series
Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

TMT120/130 Series
Temperature Transmitters

HMW110 Series
Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

General Purpose Transmitters

Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters

Carbon Dioxide, Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

General Purpose Transmitters

Carbon Dioxide Transmitters

HMW88/89 & TMW88
Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

General Purpose Transmitters

Temperature Transmitters

Carbon Dioxide Transmitters

Outdoor Transmitters

HMS110 Series | HMS82/83 
Humidity & Temperature Transmitters

Carbon Dioxide Probe with DTR250 Radiation Shield

WXT530 Series
Weather Transmitters

Handheld Meters

HM40 Series
Handheld Humidity & Temperature Meter 

Handheld Humidity & Temperature Meter

Handheld Carbon Dioxide Meter


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