Dpstar is a leading provider of custom electric heating systems. Our design capabilities include a variety of critical components and optional features to ensure an electric heating system that is catered to your exact needs. For over 30 years, Dpstar has been a trusted designer and supplier of electric heating systems. From design services and maintenance plans to engineering consultation, repair services, and more, our team provides support from design to installation and after. Since the 90’s, we contribute our hands-on experience by developing solutions for efficient heating of industrial plants and processes. Our ambition is to reach the best possible quality at every stage of development.

Fluid (liquids and gases) transfer, movement, monitoring, and measuring is required in many industrial process applications. Specific fluid handling technology is essential for processing, measuring, and containing different liquids, gases or slurries.

Heating of Water 

Heating water includes domestic water, circulating water, marine or sea water and demineralized water. For each application a correct design and dimensioning of the heating elements is required. The immersion heaters and circulation heaters support a various number of applications where heating up water is desired. Immersion heaters also offer solutions for water purification and sanitation. Carbon tanks are used to purify water and remove contaminants such as chlorine, bacteria, pollutants, and other organic or chemical substances that may influence the smell and taste of water. In order to keep the tanks clear of foreign substances, an immersion heater heats the water to sanitize it. Circulation heaters are an optimal solution for heated water flow. Low and freezing temperatures can cause pipes at wastewater facilities to clog or freeze. Immersion heaters ensure water in the pipes and reservoirs continue to flow to keep the operation running. Temperature protection can pose quite the challenge, especially during freezing winter months. Immersion heaters assist workers in making sure their project stays up and running by keeping water moving in processes that require it.

Heating of Oil

Viscosity maintenance can be challenging. For products like oil or wax, colder temperatures result in higher viscosity and slower moving materials. Once your ideal viscosity level is determined, Immersion heaters can help you reach that level and stay there, streamlining your processes and putting your viscosity troubles to rest. Heating oil and similar fluids is the most common use for electric heaters and heating elements. Each type of oil has its own exceptional properties mean it can handle a wide range of applications. For this reason, it is necessary that the electric heater is suitable for the intended use and the permissible surface load and heat-up times are adapted to the process. Flange and immersion heaters are used for heating of thermal oil in heat transfer systems or for preheating of hydraulic oil and oil tanks. These heating elements are also used for preheating lubricating oil systems for large engines, gears or turbines.

Heating of Hazardous Chemicals

The chemical processing industry is unceasingly evolving and has been one of the fastest thriving markets internationally. Processing chemical mixtures requires heating elements to allow for even flow heat transfers along an entire area. From start to finish, thermal technology solutions can help in achieving improved productivity, optimize the performance and life of critical equipment, increase process up-time, help reduce costs and waste, improve safety, support cost-effective regulatory compliance, ensure speedy completion and continued successful results. For operating at lower watt densities and acidic environments, immersion heaters are used to prevent erosion of sheaths in large containers.

Heating of Gases

Natural gas needs to be maintained at high pressure along the pipeline. This helps to propel the gas through the lines and decreases its volume by a great deal. In fact, the pressure of the gas in the lines is far too great for residential or commercial use, so special equipment is used to lower pressure before gas is delivered. Lowering gas pressure can create a problem within the lines. As pressure drops so does the temperature of the gas and this can create icing in and outside the lines. To solve this problem, a process heater is used right before gas pressure is reduced. This pre-heating is accomplished with immersion heat from circulation or inline heaters.

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