Dpstar Group products have marked their position in the market as top-notch Immersion Heater Manufacturers in Malaysia. At Dpstar we are designing and manufacturing wide range of immersion heaters based on the process requirement of the client, having different specifications and build with the quality materials. We understand the need of immersion heater is different in all the industries; thus, we customize their designs, as per the specific and special requirements of our clients, which give proper radiator size-to-provision and fitting. Its unique design gives proper element space to boost the execution, as well as, the life of the heater. The utilization of quality raw components in the manufacturing of Immersion Water Heaters helps the device to meet international quality standards and give its users required results.

One of the most common tools for industrial heating applications is the immersion water heater. Immersion water heaters are used in industrial applications for their fast and efficient heating. Being immersed allows for direct heat transfer, resulting in quick heating as well as minimizing energy loss. This makes them more efficient than other heaters.   Another reason for their popularity is the flexibility of being electrically powered. Coupled with unstable fuel costs, the flexibility and consistency of electric heating are unmatched. Electrical power is also much cleaner, with less of an environmental impact.   When it comes to efficiency and economy, immersion water heaters are the best option in their category. With that in mind, we take a look at how they are being used in a variety of industries.

Food & Beverage Industry

The food manufacturing industry requires dependable, efficient industrial heating equipment to create the high-quality products consumers expect. Efficiency in heating water, oils and other fluids in the food processing industry is realized with immersion heaters. From cooking to cleaning, the food and beverage industry mainly uses immersion heaters for several applications.   Industrial food preparation relies heavily on water heaters from hot water storage tanks to preheating food processing equipment’s. They are efficient and reliable for pre-heating as well as for use in industrial brew kettles and ovens.

Through automation, water heaters can maintain specific temperatures without supervision. This prevents undercooking, overcooking, or spoilage.   Cleaning and sterilization are another important aspect of the food & beverage industry. The ability to reach high temperatures quickly make immersion water heaters ideal for a number of cleaning processes. One of the most commonly used ingredients in the food industry is vegetable oil, and yet storing and transporting the liquid still poses a challenge for many food producers. Treating fluids like vegetable oils with the right amount of heat required to keep it at a certain temperature ensures a smooth food processing operation. The immersion heaters are specifically designed for applications like food oil heating, and procuring one for your facility can greatly improve processing time and efficiency.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry also takes advantage of immersion water heaters. Laboratory conditions require precise control of temperatures for pill drying and sterilization. Precise temperature control in chemical reaction engineering has a significant influence on the production output or the results of the research. The laboratory industry uses immersion water heaters to manufacture pharmaceutical products. One common use for this is in batch processing. For this process, screw plug heaters are the most commonly used as well as over-the-side versions.   Transfer lines are one of the most easily contaminated systems in pharmaceuticals. As such, they need cleaning processes that are reliable as well as easy to replace or repair. These are areas where circulation heaters excel. Immersion heaters are used to heat many liquid substances like water, oil, chemicals and even to stabilize gas within their tanks. Immersion heater heats water directly inside it and when electricity flows, the body heats up.

Power Industry

Heating conditions in a power plant need to be carefully monitored and controlled. Immersion water heaters play important roles in the power industry. In addition to their roles in heating, reservoirs, storage tanks, and water wash systems, they have much-needed safety features. The oil, gas, and chemical industries all rely heavily on immersion heaters for safe and efficient processes. For oil and gas applications they can come equipped with explosion-proof housing.   Heat transfer systems and pump systems require immersion heating for effective and economical heating.   Their uses are not limited to traditional power either. Immersion water heaters are being incorporated in solar power systems. They make solar powered water heating more effective and efficient. In nuclear power plants, immersion heaters are used to accurately keep water pressurized in reactors for steam production.

Agriculture Industry

Agricultural producers use heated water for a variety of jobs, including general cleaning of structures, equipment, livestock, poultry, fruit, and vegetables and to sterilize equipment. Dairy farms use especially large quantities of hot water daily for both cleaning structures and equipment and for processing milk products.

Whether working with livestock or crops, immersion water heaters are essential to the agriculture industry. Circulation heaters are used for milk and dairy production, playing an essential role in sanitization and preparation. They are protecting harvests, animals, and equipment, as well as assisting industrial processes.   One of the common uses of water heaters in the agriculture industry is in pasteurization. Water heaters are also used in heating warehouses, storage areas, and livestock holdings. This keeps livestock healthy, equipment safe, and stored crops from spoiling.

Construction Industry

Immersion water heaters have a number of qualities that make them ideal for the construction industry. For one, being immersed in the fluid/gas that they are acting on means they are protected from any exterior damage. Being on a construction site leaves equipment exposed to the elements, dust, and hazards. But inside of a storage tank or container, equipment is kept safe from environmental damage.   There are many uses for immersion water heaters in the construction industry. In addition to processes like water heating and freeze protection, a common application is steam generation.   These heaters have a high degree of temperature control, with minimal required supervision. This makes it efficient for steam generation which can be used for construction site cleanup and sterilization.

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