Dpstar Group is a Malaysia Anti-Condensation manufacturer specializing in custom made anti-condensation heater for switchboard & industrial use.

Why Need Anti-Condensation Heater?

Firstly, to maintain the temperature of an electrical enclosure at a level suitable for the components contained within. In principle this tends to be for frost protection by keeping the internal ambient temperature above freezing. Secondly to maintain the temperature inside of an enclosure several degrees above surrounding ambient temperature and above the dew point. This will eliminate condensed water vapor contained inside an enclosure.


  • No thermostat is required.
  • Self regulated heating.
  • No moving parts to wear out.
  • Compact size and high watt density.
  • Uniform heat output.
  • Corrosion resistance aluminium.
  • Easy mounting – All heater are simple to install on 35mm DIN rail.

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