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The PLC panel can be used in a wide range of industrial applications, primarily for automating processes and increasing control over critical systems. The processor controls electrical power and are commonly referred to as an automation panel. PLCs are utilized in many industries including:

Power Generation

PLC panels can be used for some processes within a power generation facility, such as automating the soot blower controls.

Glass Industry

PLCs controllers have been in use in the glass industry for decades. They are used largely to control the material ratio as well as to process flat glasses. The technology has been advancing over the years and this has created an increased demand for the PLC control mode for use in the glass industry. The production of glass is an elaborate and sophisticated process so the companies involved often use PLCs with the bus technology in its control mode. Overall, the PLC is applied in both analogue data recording in the glass production, and in digital quality and position control.

Paper Industry

In the paper industry, PLCs are used in various processes. These include controlling the machines that produce paper products at high speeds. For instance, a PLC controls and monitors the production of book pages or newspapers in offset web printing.

Cement Manufacturing

Manufacturing cement involves mixing various raw materials in a kiln. The quality of these raw materials and their proportions significantly impact the quality of the final product. To ensure the use of the right quality and quantities of raw materials, the accuracy of data regarding such process variables is of the essence. A distributed control system comprised of PLC in its user mode and a configuration software are used in the industry’s production and management processes.

The PLC in particular, controls ball milling, coal kiln and shaft kiln.Other examples of PLC programming applications that are in use in various industries today include water tank quenching systems in the aerospace sector, filling machine control system in the food industry, – industrial batch washing machine control and closed loop textile shrinkage systems.

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