Dpstar Group offers complete solutions for ash handling including dense phase ash handling system and lean/dilute phase ash conveying system. We offer optimum ash handling equipment that takes into consideration the density, conveying capabilities, safety and distance. We also ensure that our ash handling system design meets the exacting industry standards seamlessly. We have decades of experience in constructing modern, technologically-advanced ash handling systems for use globally.  Our systems are designed to reduce wear and tear, lower the need for maintenance, and improve efficiency all while complying with all existing regulations.

The plant was using a Dilute-Phase ash handling system with transferal air force from the blower. Carbon-steel pipes were being used as ash conveyor elbow pipes, which usually caused leakage and clog. Moreover, there was only one pipeline for transferring ash in series to the silo. Therefore, the plant consulted with Dpstar Group for the best suggestion. With only one pipeline available to transfer ash to the silo, the entire ash handling system would be jeopardized should there be any blockage or clog in one or more of the conveyor pipes.

Dpstar Group proposed a new ash handling system replacement with Dense-Phase and top-discharge. Transferal air force comes from the compressor, which allows the ash conveyor pipes to be made smaller to save more space. Elbow pipes are made of ceramic sleeves for longer life span. New design has been applied with 2 blow tanks per pipeline that can be operated independently from the other set of pipelines for transferring ash to the silo that eases operation and reduces risks.

Item Supplied

  • Air Heating Circulation Heater 18Kw (3 phase star connection) ( Vertical Mount)