Waste management or waste disposal includes the processes and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal. A waste recycling plant is using a conveyor belt scale to measure the total weight of the product coming into the plant. They play a vital role in the process of sorting waste material and their movements. When measuring a wide variety of material streams on a conveyor belt, flexibility is a must. Dpstar conveyor belt scales not only provide flexibility, but can be used wherever continuous material streams are recorded in conveyor belt systems. Dpstar is a trusted partner in the delivery of waste and recycling conveying solutions since the 90’s. We are experienced in engineering belt conveyors for both waste management and bulk material handling. We offer the perfect solution for continuous industrial weighing with highest measurement accuracy, maintenance-free and extremely durable. Our robust designs can be retrofitted in almost any conveyor system. The support can be realized as required on the existing frame construction or directly on the hall floor. At Dpstar we continue to attach enormous importance to intelligent waste management for a green future. We achieve this through optimized control systems, which save energy and reduce costs. Our experience ensures that you receive a safer solution, perfectly aligned with your waste transport needs. Innovative low maintenance conveying designs provide safer performance and controlled processes.

The recovery and recycling of valuable materials into raw materials is becoming increasingly important in order to conserve resources and reduce the final disposal of waste. Special weighing solutions are required in such applications in order to precisely record the individual recyclable materials with low flow rates. The company required accuracy and reliability when weighing the waste materials. The previous belt scale was not robust enough for the application, as the existing load cells were easily damaged and the trapped material required frequent calibration. Our objective is to design and acquire continuous material flow handled by a belt conveyor and by the integration of flow rate to determine the totalized amount of material. The design of the weight collection system ensures that the weight is transferred correctly into the load cell to optimize the weighing performance. Our selection of belt conveyors varies from smaller-size equipment to larger-scale conveying solutions. Dimension, design, and materials can be easily customized depending on its application and to meet customer requirements. Our knowledge of process technology enables complete conveyor solutions for every application.

Dpstar designed and built a belt scale system using UNIPULSE F805BC controller and FLINTEC bottom type load cell with an interface to a GE Fanuc PLC System for overall control of material flow. The weighing device is installed under the belt, when the material works on the load cell which can generate a signal in proportion to the material weight and the signal is transmitted to the controller. At the same time, the speed sensor installed on the tail pulley detects the belt speed and generates a signal which is also transmitted to the controller. By multiplying the weight signal and the speed signal, the instantaneous flow rate and total accumulation can be calculated. Due to its special construction, the structure of the weighing section guarantees a very high measurement accuracy. With Dpstar belt scale system, you can track the amount of waste collected, monitor input and output during material recovery, extract energy and dispose of waste every step of the way without slowing down your operation. Your real-time and historical production data is accessible, allowing you to view all of this information locally, on-site, or via a touchscreen monitor. You can view this information off-site using your phone, tablet, or computer through secured servers.

Item Supplied

  • UNIPULSE F805BC controller
  • FLINTEC Load Cell
  • GE Fanuc PLC System
  • Installation & Commissioning