Dpstar offers a variety of BTU energy meter systems designed for measuring thermal energy in water-based systems. All Dpstar thermal energy measurement systems are delivered fully programmed for your application and ready to use right out of the box. We utilize BTU Measurement System to compute and monitor the heat and energy consumption in most liquid cooling/heating systems. Performance and efficiency of the system can be monitored in real-time, data gathered is transmitted to the central HMI control panel, which in turn relays the information to cloud servers or the local Building Management System. With the data consolidated into a single location, reporting and information management have become easier. Building operators have remote access to the data through online servers and perform decision-making on the go.

Dpstar’s BTU Measurement System comprises a central HMI Control Panel with the ability to link up to 32 individual BTU meters, each measuring the energy consumption of a separate cooling/heating pipeline. Each of the BTU meters transmits to the HMI control panel the data of the pipelines(flow rate, temperature, energy consumption, etc.) The individual BTU meter has its own display with a user-friendly interface, allowing operators to view the data of each of the cooling/heating systems on-site with ease. To measure the heat consumption in a liquid cooling/heating system. We need to measure the flow rate and temperature difference of the coolant between the return and supply pipeline. Each of the BTU meters measures the flow rate of the pipeline. A pair of temperature sensors for each BTU meter to measure the temperature difference between the supply and return pipeline. Thus, the energy consumption can be computed according to the Thermodynamics Principle of Heat Exchange.

When you choose Dpstar for your BTU meters, you can count on the Dpstar Difference. We are industry leaders, and our customer service will help you from start to finish. We calibrate our BTU meters to meet your specific application needs, and our meters are easily installed as soon as you receive them. We guarantee your BTU energy meters are durable, reliable, and designed to accurately measure thermal energy in water-based systems.

Items Supplied

  • Vetrix flow meter
  • Maltec PT100
  • Simex datalogger