Dpstar process heaters are tailored to meet customers’ unique needs, engineered to provide energy efficient, precise process temperature control, and built with quality to operate for decades in service. At Dpstar, we understand that it takes superior engineering and personalized attention to keep industrial heating systems operating at peak performance. We are a leading provider of hot oil heating systems for industrial clients worldwide, including system designs, custom manufacturing, troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair. Our engineers and technicians have decades of experience with all types of oil heating systems. Dpstar in-house design, engineering, and fabrication allows for almost an unlimited possibility of customized/standard applications. Electric heating provides the best option for superheating as its power is instantly available, has no emissions, and is precisely controlled to only the demand needed. Our design and engineering study your data and provide the best energy-efficient heating solutions. Thanks to our in-house process engineering capabilities and experienced team, we are ready for any challenges. Our processed guaranteed design and engineering services will lower your costs and increase production.

The fuel oil handling system plays a critical role in the storage and transportation of fuel oils. Including other functions like bunkering, loading/unloading, and transfer. Moreover, maintaining oil temperature is necessary to ensure that complete combustion occurs under optimal conditions, thereby reducing pollutants and increasing efficiency. Fuel oil heating and pumping unit are necessary where fuel oil combustion is required. In such a combustion system, fuel oil must reach the burners with a correct temperature (to reduce the viscosity) and correct pressure (to guarantee a stable atomization). This is what assembled oil skids are made for. Depending on combustion system power and relative design criteria (pressure limits, overdesign, available stream, redundant logics), we supply every item necessary to the correct operating of the system which skid is connected to. Circulation heaters are ideal for pre-heating fuel oil, pumping viscosity and closed loop heat transfer systems or boosting the temperature of a gas. Standard ratings from 1.5 to 465 kW in various watt densities, sheath materials, chamber materials and pressure ratings. Circulation heaters can be adapted to match any heating need with liquid or gas. They are designed for efficiently heating heavy oil to adjust the proper viscosity for the burner. The design is based on the general conditions such as the type and properties of the respective fluid, pressure and temperature as well as the desired operating points in the process.

Our team of expert designers and engineers at Dpstar have decades of experience designing and creating process heating systems. Dpstar successfully designed a 100KW Bunker Oil Circulation Heater for fuel oil heating with dimension of 11.2mmØ x 2000mm. We offer a custom designed modular skid to meet our client’s needs. The skids are designed to contain a complete process system incorporating plant, equipment and interconnecting pipework. All the modules are checked to ensure dimensional accuracy, weld quality, and conformance to the design and specifications prior to delivery to site. The systems include components such as vessels, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, control panels, complete instrumentation, and other accessories. From simple pumping stations to complex automation, every system is custom fabricated to meet individual customer requirements. Our process circulation heaters minimize heat loss during a process flow while still maintaining a high and efficient heat transfer rate. With localized heating, in-line heaters can heat liquid, air or gases quickly and efficiently. We strictly control the production phase to ensure that each part satisfies all customer specifications and code requirements. Calculation methods and construction techniques are in full compliance with a wide range of national standards.

Items Supplied

  • Circulation Heater:
    – Power Rating: 415V – 100KW
    – Dimension: 11.2mmØ x 2000mm ULg. X 30pcs Elements. X 3sets
    – Circulation Pressure: 30Bar
    – Accessories: 10”300Lb
    – Stainless steel flange C/W Chamber
  • Control Panel
  • Processing Components & Instrumentation
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Application: Fuel oil heating