Dpstar is a leading provider of thermal condition monitoring for electrical infrastructure, we offer highly personal and operating safety, optimal availability, secure engineering, easy operation, and high efficiency with low lifecycle costs. Our solution is specifically designed to provide continuous Thermal Monitoring for Medium Voltage Switchgear, utilizing our IR Sensors to monitor critical busbar joints. Dpstar’s continuous temperature monitoring protects your electrical assets from costly outages; while increasing safety via remotely monitoring equipment. This also increases asset integrity and minimizes downtime.

Overheating caused by overloaded circuits, unbalanced loads, loose or damaged connections will shorten equipment life, and potentially lead to catastrophic failure. The temperature rises in medium-voltage switchgear and switchboard components can be sudden, often causing thermal run-away, resulting in burning, melting, and destruction of components. Periodic visual inspections are costly, require special safety considerations, and are unlikely to detect these conditions in time. Best practices now demand 24/7 thermal monitoring of switchgear assets, catching up to 70% more failures than periodic inspection, protecting valuable equipment from failure, and increasing personnel safety.

Dpstar provides the right equipment for the most demanding applications. Dpstar successfully delivers complete solutions to protect our client’s electrical infrastructure. Our Raytek MI3 Thermal Sensor is permanently installed for continuous busbar temperature monitoring enables the following critical Medium Voltage busbar joints to be monitored in real-time to prevent costly downtime and help plan preventative maintenance. They provide an accurate, instant reading of the surface temperature of the conductor while remaining physically isolated from the voltage it carries. Raytek MI3 Thermal Sensor is ideal for switchgear applications where the available space for mounting the sensor is limited. It withstands ambient temperatures up to 180°C and can measure object temperatures from -40°C to 1800°C. Implementing continuous monitoring gives electric utilities the ability to collect data generated during the switchgear’s normal operating conditions, thereby providing awareness to problems in real-time. Real-time trending during full load electrical stresses, vibration, insulation breakdown, and environmental influences, quickly provides insight into the health of the utility’s asset.

Items Supplied

  • Raytek MI3 thermal sensor
  • Troubleshooting
  • Relocated sensor spot
  • Retesting
  • PLC programming