Process heating in the oil industry is essential for a number of reasons. It is important to control the viscosity of the oil flow while maintaining proper heat to be stored at certain temperatures so that the liquids maintain their fluidity. However, heat in itself can also present a problem, as too much heating can lower quality. Dpstar has the engineering, design, and manufacturing capability to provide value-added process heating system solutions. Skid mount, control panels, and other processing components and instruments such as valves, pumps, blowers, piping, temperature sensors, temperature transmitters, and expansion tanks can be provided. Dpstar offers a variety of industrial process heating systems to meet your application needs. As a process heating system manufacturer, we are experienced in providing not just high-quality manufacturing services but excellent customer service as well. Specializing in the design of high-quality hot oil heaters and heating systems, Dpstar has the products to meet your industrial heating needs and solve the problems your facility is currently struggling with. With more than 30 years of operating experience, our finely engineered heating systems can eliminate problems and deliver the highest fuel efficiency attainable today.

Fuel oils need to be heated for handling and storage purposes. Heavy fuel oil is normally delivered at a temperature of 50°C or higher, and should be kept and transferred at suitable temperatures. Medium and light fuels will be delivered at minimum handling temperatures. Heating oil in tanks and pipes above the temperature needed for storage and handling should be avoided as this waste’s energy. Industrial hot oil heaters are essential for the daily operations of facilities in the asphalt industry, refinery industry, tank terminal industry, wastewater treatment industry and beyond. Organizations in these, and other, industries rely heavily on hot oil heating systems to get the job done. Unfortunately, many facilities are operating heating equipment that’s not as efficient or functional as it could be. As a result, they struggle with heating equipment breakdown and inefficiency, experiencing problems like process fluid degradation, tube failures, high stack temperatures, high fuel costs, high maintenance costs, and limited operation at fluid temperatures over 400° F. Without systems operating at peak efficiency, they’re also experiencing significant decreases in profitability. If any of the problems mentioned above are currently impacting your organization, it’s time to consider a high efficiency industrial hot oil heater or heating system from Dpstar.

Dpstar heating solutions are tailored to meet customers’ unique needs.  Our heaters are engineered to provide energy efficient, precise process temperature control and built with quality to operate for decades in service.  Dpstar Circulation heaters are designed to provide rapid heating, high-energy efficiency, and uniform heating for many applications. They are easily adapted to many installations and are a safe solution in hazardous environments. Due to the materials used, the extreme temperatures, and also rapid temperature changes won’t impact the condition of the machines or any of its components. Circulation heater is installed horizontally near the bottom of the tank/reservoir to heat process liquids. Since the heat is generated by electricity, virtually all of the energy is consumed by the product being heated. As a result, the liquid is heated near 100% efficiency. With standard elements constructed of Alloy 800, these heaters are designed to heat a variety of fluids and maintain corrosion resistance. The heated portions of the heater elements must remain completely immersed and completely flooded whenever energized.  The cold section of the heater should be extended completely into the fuel oil.  The heater may overheat, damaging the elements, tank or fluid being heater and/or create a possible safety hazard due to high sheath temperature.  In these heating systems, the heater circulates the process fluid through the heater using either natural convection or a pump. Through the use of circulation heating systems, you can reduce watt density by spreading heat over a large heating surface. These are the ideal choice when there are space or watt density limitations. Circulation tanks can also be serviced without the need for draining, as long as the heater is properly valved and piped.

Based on your application’s specifications, you can use these direct tank heating systems to provide consistent and efficient heating for a wide range of mediums. At Dpstar, we offer standard and custom immersion and circulation heaters designed to meet a variety of application requirements. Want to learn more about circulation heaters? Contact Dpstar experts today! To discuss your system requirements and restrictions with one of our representatives.

Items Supplied

Power Rating: 415V – 44KW
Dimension: 6” PN16 Flange
Heater Size: 11.2mm Ø x 2540 mm T.L. x 12 pcs (1 set)
Heater Material: Stainless Steel SUS316 Seamless
Application: Fuel Oil Heating