Dpstar is a leading provider of industrial automation and control solutions, we specialize in designing and developing custom solutions to meet the unique needs of clients across a diverse range of industries. Our client is a manufacturer in the bridge construction industry that specializes in producing high-quality metal components for overseas projects. As part of their quality control requirements, they needed a monitoring system that could provide accurate and real-time data related to the tensile strength of their metal components. Dpstar was approached by our client to develop a tailored monitoring system that met their specific requirements. Our expertise in custom engineering solutions enabled us to deliver a comprehensive monitoring system that provided the data our client needed to improve their quality control processes and enhance the overall quality of their metal components.

The objective of this project is to provide a reliable and accurate tension and pressure monitoring system for a Tensile Testing Machine. The system will be designed to meet the quality control requirements for overseas bridge construction projects. Through this system, our aim is to enhance the client’s ability to effectively monitor and manage the load and hydraulic pressure data during testing, leading to improved quality control and greater overall efficiency in their operations.

Dpstar successfully designed and implemented a custom monitoring system, specifically designed to meet our client’s unique needs. The system utilized a Fatek PLC, Beijer Touch Screen, and DC Box LVDT sensors, and was integrated into a tensile testing machine to provide load vs. hydraulic pressure data. The DC box LVDT sensors detect any change in displacement of the metal component being tested as it is put under tension, which allows for accurate measurement of the component’s behavior under load. This displacement data is then processed by the Fatek PLC, which calculates the hydraulic pressure required to maintain a constant tension on the component. The system then plots the load vs. hydraulic pressure data in real-time on the Beijer touch screen, which displays the data in an easy-to-read format. Operators can use the touch screen to input data, set parameters, and access the data collected. The touchscreen interface provides operators with real-time information on the tensile strength of the metal component being tested, enabling them to quickly and accurately assess the performance of the component. By providing this custom solution, we helped our client improve the quality of their metal components and meet the stringent requirements of their overseas bridge projects.

Items Supplied

  • Fatek PLC
  • Beijer Touch Screen
  • DC Box LVDT Sensors
  • Installation & Commissioning