Customised Drying & Temperature Control Oven

Dpstar is a Leading Industrial Oven Manufacturer in Malaysia. Through our know how knowledge and experience, we are able to design, Fabricate, installation & Commissioning Oven according to customer’s specific requirements. Dpstar Group successfully manufactured Drying & Temperature Control Oven (10ft X 5ft X 6ft) for a Lubricant Manufacturer in Malaysia.


  • Heat up lubricants 70°C, heat up time within an hour with internal air circulation.
  • Control System & Power Regulator.
  • The oven managed to achieve 200°C in 40 minutes time

Items Supplied

  • 415V/36KW 2 door Oven, Size 10ft length x 5ft height x 6 ft dept with internal air circulation
  • C/W Control System
  • Sipin Power Regulator