Dpstar Group has over 30 years of experience in the application, design, and manufacture of robust immersion tank heaters and process assemblies for immersion heating applications. Our immersion heaters are designed to provide a quick and efficient way to reach and maintain required temperatures to prevent liquids from freezing in colder conditions, maintain production flow at a constant temperature, provide precise heat distribution, and allow fluids to transfer effectively. We have thousands of standard-designed immersions heaters for quick field replacements and convenient ordering. Dpstar also has extensive experience with custom-designed electric immersion heaters for storage tanks, reservoirs, and circulation flow applications. These heaters are available in a wide selection of wattages, sizes, and sheath materials suitable for the heating requirements of oil.

Dpstar designed an innovative 450KW Flanged Heater offering longer lifetime than existing solutions for fuel oil heating. Dpstar develop a design with high total power and a low power density while offering a natural movement of the fluid through the heater. We make a comfortable maintenance design, with a strong mechanical resistance and that can resist the immersion in petroleum-based liquids with 100% energy efficiency. We managed to make a design where Dpstar Flanged Heater provides our customers with a long-lived, dependable, trouble-free heater for their application requirements. A properly designed of our flange heater provides a high degree of efficiency as the energy that is generated is quickly dissipated directly into the medium that is being heated.

Items Supplied

Power Rating: 415V – 450KW
Flange: 590mm Ø x 65mmThk Mild Steel Flange
Heater Size: 16mm Ø x 1815 mm T.L. x 39 elements
Heater Material: Stainless Steel SUS304.