Heat and processing industries use flanged immersion heaters in the heating of gases and liquids such as, oils, heat transfer fluids, corrosive solutions and water. The goal of a flanged immersion heater design is to optimize the heater to increase an application’s life, while minimizing the overall product application and its life cycle costs. Dpstar flange immersion heater can easily be installed and maintained to keep providing heat in the RG Plant for oil heating.

Item Supplied & Product Overview

Dpstar has the Maltec flange immersion heater specially developed for oil heating. Dpstar assist our customer, a leading Malaysia’s vegetable oil manufacturer for design and installation of 85KW Flange Immersion Heater. We are proud to announce the successful delivery of the project to our customer’s Plant, located in Selangor.

Dpstar is a manufacturing company developing electric heating products for use since 90’s. With uncompromised dedication to customers, Dpstar offer solutions and not just products. Our staff of dedicated and experienced engineers can help to provide solutions specific to your project needs.