Dpstar custom engineers our industrial burner management systems to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Dpstar can provide guidance around our standard control system with typical instrumentation, or a customized system to meet the most stringent specifications.  We offer industry and technology-specific expertise to address unique production challenges. Our commitment is to help reduce project risk and provide solutions specific to the companies we support locally and globally. With over 30 years of experience, breadth of expertise and certified engineering team allow us to offer tailored burner management control systems for any industrial boiler, heater, dryer, kiln or oven client. When it comes to designing a control system for your burner, our team of engineers is focused on safety and reliability. We offer assessments, advice, and recommendations tailored to your specific needs, application, budget, and equipment. Dpstar burner management systems (BMS) monitor, protect, operate and maintain all of your plant’s combustion assets safely, reliably, and securely. Our solutions are proven to protect people, the environment while keeping production operating safely and continuously for the operating life of the asset.

Boiler is one of the most important equipment that require continuous monitoring and inspection at frequent intervals. The main objective of this project is to develop the automation of the boiler burner management system to perform more reliability and improve the accuracy of the system as well as reduce the time and cost of implementation. In this project (burner management system) or BMS has been developed by using PLC and SCADA. Also, protection system has been installed to do shutdown for system when event of a defect to any one of the elements of the system screens are designed to clarify the dangers and recorded in the archive. The main control strategies in boiler burner management system are primary control and combustion control. In the primary control allows fuel to flow only when all of the safe conditions for fuel ignition are met. The combustion control regulates furnace fuel and air ratio within limits for continuous combustion and stable flame throughout the demand operating limits of the boiler.

Dpstar completed a project for upgrading of the existing heat treatment combustion and control systems. We designed and built a new system to monitor the burner of the heat treatment process. Automation of industrial burner is being done by developing logic in PLC and controlling whole process using SCADA. Our Burner Management System is designed to control the combustion process from beginning to end in a safe and reliable manner. It monitors high and low gas pressure, the combustion air fan, combustion air, and water levels, in addition to monitoring safety devices and controlling the sequence of lighting the burner. If any issues arise related to pressure or water level, it will initiate closure of the shut-off valves. PLC is used to control of the boiler temperature, pressure and water level to insure the sequence of start-up and shutdown. While SCADA is used to monitor the boiler temperature, pressure and water level using different sensors and the corresponding output is given to the PLC which controls the boiler temperature, pressure and water level.

Remote monitoring of field devices is being done with the Scada software and it gathers all the data from PLC module. A process trend and data log will be available for finding the previous and current values of parameters. By data logging in SCADA, all data gathered from data logging is saved to a computer system. Our Burner Management Systems (BMS) help control plant operations by providing safe and reliable start-up, operation and shutdown of the burners, and associated fuel equipment for combustion processes, thereby improving plant reliability and safety. These systems prevent burner start-up if safe condition characteristics are not met and initiate burner shut-down if unsafe conditions occur.

Item Supplied

  • FATEK Programmable Controllers
  • Touch Screen
  • Installation & Commissioning