Dpstar is a leading company in the Regulation and Control of Temperatures with Electrical Heat Tracing Solutions that focused in maintaining temperatures in pipes, tanks, and equipment. It is known to be one of the highest products in the Electrical Heat Tracing Industry.

We at Dpstar strive and offer the best quality performance and equipment. All of our units are handled and designed in a safe manner to:

  • Optimize energy efficiency in our installations
  • Integrate the best solutions and equipment at the installation.
  • Ensure health, safety, and respect to the environment.

Dpstar is one of the few companies that have the ability to tackle various projects at once. Thanks to its years of experience and the confidence it gets from working with a high-quality system, vital at critical points of its plants. In addition, the company is 100% committed in its engagement and presence at work during each project, providing a team capable of reinventing and reengineering on the go, offering the client full and absolute availability and flexibility. Dpstar has expanded its leading solutions for the Electrical Heat Tracing projects in the Malaysia market with our highly professional team dedicated to this industry. With thorough research and development of highly reliable solutions and with great added value to ensure our customers satisfaction.

Design, Commissioning and Installation of Heat Tracing Cable for Palm Oil Industry.

Dpstar designed a heat trace system to prevent heat loss from the tank and pipe to maintain the palm oil at the proper temperature to keep it liquid and flowing. The Temperature is heat up to 5°C in 2 hours in 5000L tank using Heat Tracing Cable with Insulation Cladding to improved viscosity of palm oils stored in tanks for optimised pumping, pouring and flowing in production processes – counteracting fluctuating ambient temperatures. The project required installation of 200 meters of pipeline heat tracing and insulation cladding that is designed for medium temperature process maintenance.

Items Supplied

  • 350m of heat tracing cable
  • Heat tracing and RTD junction boxes
  • Termination kit
  • Temperature sensors
  • 4 zone temperature control panel
  • Other accessories