Apical’s Palm Oil plant in Dumai Indonesia, PT. Sari Dumai Oleo (PT. SDO) required a heating solution for their newly constructed 800 meters export 10-inch pipeline to the jetty. The fluid is Hydrogenated Refined Palm Stearine which is required to maintain the temperature at 70°C to ensure the fluid did not solidify during the export process to the vessel. Due to long-line heating, the biggest challenge is to propose a suitable heat trace cable that can cater to the required maintenance temperature and maintain the quality. Dpstar offers Chromalox Series Constant Wattage (SCW) cables with some design engineering modifications that suit the requirement. With the SCW excellent and proven installation record in other regions, Dpstar managed to convince Apical despite the product launched by Chromalox about 5 years in the market.

Kudos to our project team on the successful completion of the design, engineering, installation, and commissioning of the electrical heat trace system, PLC panel, power cables, cable trays, and site supervision for the palm oil tank farm to jetty in Indonesia. With the Chromalox reputation in electrical heat trace systems combined with Dpstar products and specialize more than 30 years in electrical-based heaters, we managed to offer comprehensive solutions to customer needs at competitive cost and delivery. Dpstar has developed systems for the extremely precise transportation of media that demand a particular temperature. We install heat tracing components on the pipes as the work progresses to ensure that process, fluid, or material temperatures within pipes and piping systems are maintained above ambient temperatures during static flow conditions for the smooth and efficient running of the process plant and equipment. A high-performance trace heating system allows an operator to minimize non-productive shut-down times by ensuring efficient warm-up, maintaining the temperature of the line above a critical wax/hydrate level, or slowing cool-down.  The heat trace systems are controlled with temperature sensors that provide feedback to the PLC controller.  These systems will control and adjust the temperature of the heat trace to assist the user in observing power output.

We take the responsibility to select, design, and implement the most effective heat trace system based on project specifications which ensures smooth project operations, a minimal budget, and an on-time schedule. We work with engineers and contractors to create clear specifications during the very early stages of the project to ensure that a design can be completed quickly and accurately. Our dedicated heat trace engineering team works as an extension of your business from the early-stage engineering and design study through project completion. Thanks to our innovative and integrated approach as well as project implementation control at all phases, our customers can always expect high quality and efficiency of the installed systems.

Items supplied

  1. Chromalox Heat Trace Cable 3,200m
  2. Chromalox Heat Trace Junction Box
  3. Chromalox EHT Accessories
  4. EHT 160A Control Panel with Siemens PLC
  5. Maltec PT100 Sensors
  6. Mastertec 3C Power Cable 1800m
  7. ULI Cable Ladder