Dpstar engineered a customized design that would meet the customer’s needs. Choosing the right heater is very important, as the right type of heater will ensure a long system life, minimal downtime, and ease of operation. The earlier in the process the supplier gets involved, the better chances of reducing capital and operating costs.

Item Supplied & Product Overview

Dpstar has the Maltec heater specially developed for Regeneration Gas Heating. Dpstar assist our customer for design, verification and fabrication of a Regeneration Heater. We are proud to announce the successful delivery of the completed project to our customer’s Plant, located in Penang. Dpstar shipped 500KW heater bundle to factory acceptance, client witness testing and nitrogen purging prior to shipment to their site.

The key to success in this application was Dpstar’s ability to provide the engineering expertise the customer lacked, and to add custom options that enhanced the overall performance of the system. Our products include thermal oil and thermal fluid heating systems, indirect process bath heaters, electric process heaters, biomass fired energy systems, direct fired process heaters, system automation, parts, retrofits/upgrades, and support services. Our staff of dedicated and experienced engineers can help to provide solutions specific to your project needs. Whether you need a standard package heater, a highly engineered process heating system, or just a tune up on your current system, our engineers and technicians have the knowledge and experience to make your project a success.