At Dpstar, we embrace the challenge to continuously improve wastewater treatment monitoring equipment and processes to help your industrial plant stay in compliance, and ensure instrument reliability. Best of all, Dpstar solutions will help control costs while operating at the highest possible levels of health and safety. Dpstar offers a wide range of instrumentation for water and wastewater applications, designed to monitor level, flow and volume at every step of the treatment process. With over 30 years of experience in wastewater quality monitoring and long-term availability for products and services, we can deliver and commission complete effluent quality monitoring systems for various applications. Simplify and optimize your wastewater quality monitoring with our complete, ready-to-connect analysis solutions for convenient measurement of multiple parameters from one location. Sustain compliance to your legal limits. Reduce your planning, installation, maintenance effort and lower your costs. 

Flow monitoring plays a vital role in efficiently managing water quality processes and regulatory reporting protocol. Continuous and accurate monitoring ensures that wastewater treatment plants remain safe for humans and the environment as well as staying within the specified legal regulations. Neglected or poorly performing water treatment systems can significantly reduce plant efficiency and reliability, increase chemical and energy costs, and trigger regulatory noncompliance. 

Dpstar successfully provide an intelligent Data Logging System for Sewerage Incoming Flow from 20 Remote Sites in Klang Valley using SIMEX SRD99 Paperless Recorders via wireless GSM Communication with CITECT SCADA Software as the main SCADA located at Central Region Office in Kinrara, Puchong. Dpstar provides continuous process management solutions for industrial wastewater applications. Dpstar allows our client to manage their treatment process in real-time, keeping their facility compliant while ensuring efficient plant operation 24/7. Monitoring, control and data transmission were all handled from a single system. The SCADA interface enabled continual monitoring of all the data in real-time, while the included CITECT SCADA software made configuration simple and was easy to learn and program. Water flow monitoring has become our specialty, especially in open channel flow applications. We can help you to select the right equipment to meet the needs of your application, including how to get your water flow data remotely or share it with regulators.  

 Items Supplied 

  • Data Logging System 
  • SIMEX SRD99 Paperless Recorders 
  • CITECT SCADA Software