With more than 2 decades of experience in designing and manufacturing, Cyclosystem have developed the most extensive range of Standard as well as Customized Cleaning Solutions and Other Process-Related Equipment. Cyclosystem also recognizes and understands the fast-changing trends for industrial parts washers and systems which utilise less floor space, reduction in chemical and water consumption, generate lesser effluents and produce pristine clean parts at the lowest cost possible for the client.

Cyclosystem required to heat up fresh water and recycle water in a wash plant with total power of 150kw. Dpstar supplied 3 units of 50kw inline circulation heater in this project. The heating system is very important for the daily operations of a factory. In order to ensure the smooth production process, the heating system should be able to provide heat quickly and evenly. The heat exchanger can quickly heat up the workshop and maintain a stable temperature. The right computation of total power required to heat up the water. Every equipment & heater is engineered to ensure that all our clients’ requirements are met. In addition, Dpstar also provides other services such as Consultancy, Project Management, and Other Automatic System Design, etc.

Item Supplied

  • 3 units of In-line Circulation Heater