Dpstar Group is devoted to providing you with the most cost-effective heat and control solution for your application to keep your revenue-generating processes online. We excel at bringing our vast array of solutions and products to your most difficult heating problems no matter how extreme, corrosive or hazardous your process and environmental conditions are. We have a virtually unlimited selection of heaters, controls, and configurations to ensure you get the exact equipment needed for your process and application.

At Dpstar, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the industrial heating industry. Our industrial heating systems are built to last, requiring minimal service and maintenance so you can keep your plant running efficiently. We also strive to design and produce fuel-efficient industrial heating equipment, keeping your costs down and your profits up. For decades, we’ve been providing our clients with reliable, durable equipment to be used in a variety of applications. From custom industrial heating systems to standard heating and temperature control system, our experienced team of experts does it all.

We also offer temperature control panels that are designed for electrical furnaces, ovens, and allied electrical heating systems that can be used by the OEMs. Our range is manufactured by using qualitative raw material as per auto-cad drawing. Besides, these are duly powder coated and are available in various sizes. Our range is also fabricated as per the usage of heating system and temperature accuracy, temperature controllers, controlling method, and the end controlling device. From standard heating systems to customized temperature control panels, Dpstar will design the ideal system for your plant application. We are the only process heating company offering a complete line of both heating systems and temperature control panels. Our standardized designs can reduce your installed cost as well as your eventual replacement cost. Our heating & temperature control system requires minimal maintenance and calibration. Dpstar control panels, coupled with the precision and reliability of Dpstar heaters, optimize temperature control and shrink variations in efficiencies.

Items Supplied:

  • 3 sets 12KW Maltec H Immersion Heater
  • 4 pcs Immersion Drum Heater
  • Switchboard Control Panel
  • Shimaden Temperature Control System
  • Tank modification
  • Cabling
  • Trunking