Dpstar is a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial and commercial fans, heaters, and ventilation equipment. Dpstar has been designing and manufacturing electrical heating and cooling solutions since the 90’s. Dpstar offers a wide range of solutions for electrical industrial heating of (air, liquids, gas and solids) including temperature measurement and control. With uncompromised dedication to our customers, we offer solutions and not just the products. Dpstar has the depth of experience to custom engineer heat treating equipment for the most demanding application. We pride ourselves in providing innovative, state-of-the-art equipment that helps our customers improve their bottom line and gain a competitive edge.

Electronic components and modules are sensitive to both temperature and humidity. Plastic casings change shape with extreme heat or cold. The metal expands and contracts based on temperature as well. However, perhaps most damaging to electronics is humidity, which is the amount of water vapor in the air. Humidity produces water molecules that penetrate component insulation, block voltage, and corrode chips. The manufacturing process of television components is quite complex. Temperature control is very important for television components to ensure they are produced correctly and accurately. By controlling temperature, they can ensure consistency in their product manufacturing, which ultimately impacts the television’s overall quality.

At Dpstar, we are proud to be able to offer energy-efficient products for a better indoor climate. In our product development work, the focus is on achieving the greatest possible function with the least possible energy consumption without compromising on our core values of trust, competence, and design. Dpstar successfully design a hot air room for the television production used to prevent failure of electronic components caused by condensation and corrosion. We supply Hot Air Blower to heat and maintain the temperature room at a range of 80°C /hour for the room size 20ft.W X 110ft. Lg. X 12ft H (2 Room). High-temperature air is produced using industrial heater coils and continuously supplies hot air as per the control setting. We can adjust airflow and temperature as per the customer’s requirements. They give constant heating and are effective in maintaining the temperature for a long time and spreads warm air in the entire room.

Item Supplied

Heater: Industry Hot Air Blower X 36 units per room.
Power rating: 240V – 5KW X 36 units/room.
Temperature: 80 degree C / hour.
Application: Room heating for Television component.