At Dpstar we have a deep understanding of process application and heater requirements needed in process water heating applications. Dpstar has been manufacturing and supplying process heaters for decades. Our industrial grade heaters withstand demanding process applications to provide a reliable source of heat to meet your specific needs. Dpstar manufactures a large selection of electric heaters for heating any fluid, from plain water to corrosive solutions, highly viscous oils, and for many specialized applications such as high-pressure and hazardous locations. Dpstar circulation heaters minimize heat loss during a process flow while still maintaining a high and efficient heat transfer rate. Our process heating solutions combine innovation and technology with high grade materials and craftsmanship to create an advanced heating system that is built to last. Dpstar offers a full range of fuel sources, styles, sizes, power ratings, and flow capacities and optional features to meet your exact heating needs, giving you the ultimate upgrade possibilities for expansion. Standard designs allow for quick replacement and retrofit. Custom-engineered circulation heater units designed with various options to fulfill most any industrial or process heating application. Our reputation for providing high quality, reliable, and cost-effective heating solutions is gained from years of application testing, the use of high-quality components, and standardised manufacturing processes. We work with you to find the best solution for your individual requirements. Our in-house support from engineers and technicians assist in the design, installation, training, and commissioning processes.

Heating clean water has its own challenges. The heater needs to provide heat without adding contaminants and must meet precise temperature requirements. For this purpose, electric inline heaters are ideal for clean water application. Moreover, if your application demands a nearly constant level of heat in water, you can rely on an inline circulation heater rather than a tank heater to achieve those temperatures more efficiently. When using a tank to keep constant temperatures, your system will suffer from more heat loss out the walls of the tank. When heating the system right in line with the heat itself, you will benefit from less heat loss overall and a more efficient system. Electric heaters make excellent clean water heaters due to their precision and efficiency. Inline heaters are the ideal option because they provide indirect heat. They heat a fluid that circulates through the heater and parallel to the target medium. This allows for consistent and accurate temperature. Because this type of water heater does not have the heater in direct contact with the water, it prevents potential contamination. On the other hand, immersion heaters can pollute the water due to the direct heating method that makes them so efficient. This makes inline heaters ideal for clean water applications.

Dpstar provides complete turnkey systems that enable quick and efficient installation and start-up along with safe and reliable operation through the entire life cycle of water heating process. Dpstar designs and manufactures inline water heater covered by an anti-corrosion metallic vessel chamber. This casing is mainly used for insulation to prevent heat loss in the circulation system. Heat loss is not only inefficient in terms of energy usage but it would also cause unnecessary operation expenses. A pump unit is used to transport the inlet fluid into the circulation system. They have an inlet and an outlet that connects right up to standard lines that the liquid is already flowing through. The liquid is then circulated and reheated in a closed loop circuit around the immersion heater continuously until the desired temperature (up to 1000°F) is reached. The heating medium will then flow out of the outlet nozzle at a fixed flow rate determined by the temperature control mechanism. These heaters come with insulation to help prevent heat loss, and also with filters to clean up the fluid flowing through and to protect the heat elements as well. Temperature sensor is located at the heater outlet to measure process temperature and provide process temperature feedback to the temperature control panel or plant control room.

Dpstar inline heaters are designed to enhance the performance of a regular immersion heater, heating up liquid solutions while maximizing efficiency. These units are ideally suited for heating pressurized fluids including water, oil, steam, and various gases. Consider Dpstar as your inline heater supplier, because when you choose Dpstar, you get more than a heater. You also get access to an expert consultant who can help you optimize your manufacturing process by helping you choose the right heater and get the most of its features & benefits.

Items Supplied

Power Rating: 415V-30KW X 8sets.
Dimension: 11.2mmØ x 825mm ULg. X 6 Elements
Accessories: 4”5K Stainless steel flange C/W 4” stainless steel chamber.
Application: Water heating (Circulation type)