Dpstar Group is a leading manufacturer of Industrial Heaters. Our mission is to always manufacture the best products with the greatest efficiency. In order to maintain a posture of sustained growth, our raw materials are sourced from industry leaders and pioneers all over the world. We provide the best products the reason is we believe in the thought that a good product can only be made from good materials and good engineering, and we make use of only the best materials available.

A machine maker plant needed to expand its production capacity.  They wanted to replicate and improve existing electric heater systems in their applications and contacted Dpstar for help.  The existing designs were experiencing premature heater failures, so design improvements to increase the life of the heater were also desired, if possible, to obtain.

Dpstar used application information to re-design the heater system from the ground up. A multi-stage heating system was designed and mated to stage controls in a control panel in order to provide tight temperature control.  High alloy, high-temperature materials were used. Successful installation and implementation of the expanded production capability resulted as desired with excellent results and no electric heater failures to date.

Item Supplied

  • Flange heater with chamber (inline heater)
  • Ecostar Flow Paddle Switch
  • Shimaden Temp Controller
  • Maltec-T Thermocouple