Dpstar’s expertise lies in providing cutting-edge solutions for waste-to-energy conversion. Specializing in Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT) technology, Dpstar stands at the forefront of delivering sustainable advancements to industries worldwide. In collaboration with our client, a leading proponent of responsible waste management, we ventured into a transformative project at the Development of Satellite Waste Management Centre Johor (SWMCJ), managed by Cenviro (Johor) Sdn.Bhd, embarked on a pioneering project to convert waste from Rapid Pengerang into electricity. The project involves the transportation of waste in oil form from the tank farm to the feed bin through a pipeline, requiring precise temperature control to prevent freezing during transit. To overcome this challenge and ensure a seamless waste transportation process, our client turned to Dpstar for an innovative solution. This partnership led to the implementation of Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT) technology, marking a significant step towards uninterrupted waste flow. As a leading authority in cutting-edge technologies, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering sustainable solutions worldwide.

Transporting waste in oil form through the pipeline at ambient temperatures posed a major challenge, risking the solidification of waste and disrupting the transportation process. As the waste was transported in oil form, maintaining the pipe’s temperature at a specific value became essential to avoid freezing and ensure the efficient conversion of waste into electricity. The potential consequences of waste freezing were not to be underestimated, as solidified waste could clog the pipeline, leading to costly downtime and operational inefficiencies. To overcome this critical hurdle, Dpstar’s expertise in Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT) technology enabled the design and implementation of a cutting-edge solution for seamless waste flow and sustainable energy conversion.

Dpstar successfully engineered an innovative solution that revolutionized waste transportation using Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT) technology to maintain the required temperature along the pipeline. Through the installation of EHT cables, Chromalox SRL10-2CT, covering a length of 390 meters, the system ensured uniform heat distribution, preventing waste freezing and improving operational efficiency. The EHT cables were strategically placed along the pipeline, covering the entire length from the tank farm to the feed bin. These cables, equipped with UPC Ex boxes and DTS Ex boxes for temperature display and power regulation, generated controlled heat along the pipe’s surface. These cables generated controlled heat along the pipe’s surface with self-regulating capabilities, allowing them to adapt to changes in ambient temperatures. This ensured a consistent and reliable flow of waste without any freezing concerns.

Items Supplied

To execute the project successfully, Dpstar provided the following essential equipment:

  • EHT Chromolox SRL10-2CT- 390m: A high-quality Electrical Heat Tracing cable that ensures precise temperature control along the pipeline.
  • UPC Ex box-10 units: Ex boxes equipped to regulate power and maintain the required temperature levels in hazardous environments.
  • DTS Ex box-10 units: Temperature display and monitoring units designed to ensure efficient operation of the EHT system.