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The objective of this project is to develop a solution for the safe and efficient transfer of glass from the production line to the cleanroom. The challenge is to ensure that the glass is securely held in place during the transfer and that the transfer is executed smoothly and efficiently, with minimal operator intervention required. This is particularly important as glass is a fragile material that can easily break or become damaged during the transfer, leading to costly downtime and potential safety hazards. Additionally, maintaining a clean and safe environment in the cleanroom is critical to ensure product quality and compliance with industry standards. Therefore, the solution must also be designed to meet the strict requirements of cleanroom operations, including the use of materials and components that are compatible with cleanroom protocols.

Dpstar has successfully delivered a custom solution for the safe and efficient transfer of glass from the production line to the cleanroom. The solution involves the fabrication of a stainless-steel JIG with PLC control, which provides a secure and stable platform for holding the glass during the transfer. The JIG holder is equipped with interlocking safety features to prevent accidental drops or damage to the glass. The JIG is placed on the production line, and the glass is loaded onto it.  Once the glass is securely held in the JIG, the JIG holder with interlocking safety features is activated to secure the JIG and glass in place. The PLC control system then executes the transfer process smoothly and efficiently. The system can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of our client’s production line, providing flexibility and adaptability to their unique requirements. Our solution meets the challenges of the glass transfer process, providing a safe and efficient solution that enhances our client’s production capabilities.

Items Supplied

  • Fabricate S/Steel JIG with PLC Control.
  • Fabricate JIG Holder With Safety features such as interlocking