As a leading provider of customized temperature control solutions, Dpstar was approached by a research organization that required a temperature and humidity control system for their laboratory. They faced a significant challenge in maintaining a consistent environment in their laboratory, which was critical to the accuracy and reliability of their experimentation. With our extensive experience and expertise, we provided a tailored solution that met our client’s unique requirements and exceeded their expectations. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers worked closely with our client to deliver a system that was easy to operate and maintain, while accurately controlling the temperature and humidity in the laboratory.

To achieve their research objectives, they needed a solution that could accurately measure and maintain the desired conditions in the laboratory. The objective of this project was to provide a customized air conditioning solution for their laboratory that could accurately control and maintain temperature and humidity levels. The system needed to be easy to operate and maintain, while also being reliable and cost-effective. Additionally, the system needed to meet all relevant industry standards and regulations, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

Dpstar successfully provided a comprehensive solution to address our client’s challenge of maintaining a consistent environment in their air conditioning laboratory. Our solution comprised a carefully selected range of high-quality components that were chosen specifically to ensure accurate and reliable experimentation within the laboratory. The system operates by precisely measuring temperature and humidity levels in the laboratory, and sending this information to the Shimaden Controller. The Shimaden controller receives this input and compares it to the desired temperature and humidity levels set by the client. If the actual temperature and humidity levels are not at the desired levels, the Shimaden controller will send a signal to the SCR, which controls the duct finned heater. The duct finned heater then generates heat and blows it into the laboratory through the air conditioning system, raising the temperature until the desired level is reached. Once the desired temperature is reached, the heater stops generating heat and the system maintains the temperature through the air conditioning system. The Shimaden Controller will maintain the levels by continuously receiving inputs from the transmitter and duct finned heater, and adjusting the system accordingly. The Simex Indicator was installed to display the temperature and humidity readings, enabling easy monitoring of the laboratory conditions.

The system was designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate, with a simple interface that allowed our client to monitor and adjust the temperature and humidity levels as required. Dpstar also provided comprehensive training and support to ensure that the client could operate and maintain the system with ease. With these high-quality components and user-friendly design, Dpstar was able to deliver a tailored solution that met the client’s unique needs, ensuring a consistent environment for accurate and reliable experimentation in the air conditioning laboratory.

Items Supplied

  • Temperature & Humidity Transmitter
  • Maltec-H Duct Finned Heater
  • Shimaden Temperature Controller
  • Simex Indicator
  • Sipin SCR
  • Installation & Commissioning