Industries involved in designing and managing HVAC installations face new challenges every day, from ensuring higher availability of the chiller system to improving its operational performance while delivering the most compact design. Our best-in-class solutions are designed to improve the performance of your chiller systems and make it easy for you to keep them running no matter what. Our chiller controls system is an intelligent control solution that has been designed to meet present-day demands for the efficient operation of air-conditioning systems. The system is tailored to match the unique design of the chiller plant and the building loads served. The technology helps maintain optimal differential system pressure, manages chiller lift by eliminating flow issues under part-load conditions, and increases deliverable tonnage. We are able to supply standard equipment as well as customized equipment to suit any requirement in the cooling and heating industry. Our next-generation control solutions optimize industrial processes securely and reliably to give you peace of mind while helping improve the performance of operations in any environment. Dpstar’s programmable automation control systems offer a single, scalable solution to deliver safe, secure communication between real-time deterministic controls and non-deterministic applications to analyze and optimize your operations, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Temperature control can be complicated in chillers when controlling multiple fluid loops or operating over a large temperature range with highly variable heat loads. In this case, PLCs are used since they can be programmed to control multiple control devices and have multiple PID loops. These devices provide ultimate flexibility as they are only limited by the program created for them. It is important to carefully determine the system operating point and required stability to avoid uncontrolled instruments or unnecessary additional costs. The use of a PLC provides flexibility to satisfy the needs of a more demanding control environment. It allows for the seamless integration of non-process temperature-related process measurements such as pressures, flow rates, ambient temperature, etc., or critical events like pump overload, safety shut down, etc. in an adaptive control scheme. PLCs also provide a means of data collection and communication. They are easily connected to host systems via a myriad of communication options.

With the Dpstar Chiller Control System, the parameters to maximise uptime, efficiency and minimise the lifecycle cost of the equipment is available at your fingertips. Decades of experience with total integration and daily operation of chiller plants are reflected in the advanced, comprehensive, user-friendly and configurable library of automation functions serving to provide control of the parameters that are paramount to optimisation of the chiller plant as a whole, and not limited to the single chiller. Dpstar designed and built a PLC system using SIEMENS PLC and a touch screen to monitor, control, and interface with the York chiller system for the whole factory. Our system enables all components of a chiller plant to respond to changes in building conditions and comfort demands.  For example, it will automatically reset the chilled water supply temperature upward in response to decreased load requirements and precisely match the tonnage produced to the tonnage required. It also continuously monitors all components with an easy-to-use interface that enables plant managers to access, monitor, and control all automated equipment, controls, and sensors.  Facility personnel can receive alarms, monitor trends, and troubleshoot or adjust the plant system and other integrated building systems. Additionally, trending graphs provide real-time and historic monitoring of key parameters.

Item Supplied

  • SIEMENS PLC & Touch Screen
  • Installation & Commissioning