The gel-to-liquid transformation is a pivotal step that impacts the final quality and effectiveness of the specialty chemicals. The precise control of temperature during this process is paramount to ensure the chemicals attain the desired state for optimal performance in downstream applications. The efficiency of this phase directly correlates with the overall productivity and quality of the client’s end products.

This project involves a new plant in Malaysia where our client is facing a challenge in the process of heating chemicals from gel form to liquid form before sending them to the process line. Currently, our client is using drum heaters for this process, which has proven to be slow and inefficient, potentially causing bottlenecks in the production line. Recognizing the importance of enhancing efficiency, the client is actively seeking a more effective solution to expedite the gel-to-liquid transformation.

In collaboration with our client Munzing Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Dpstar undertook a comprehensive approach to tackle the challenges posed by the slow and inefficient drum heating process. Engaging in extensive discussions with engineers, we devised an innovative solution—a large oven design capable of accommodating 16 drums in a single compartment. The scale of efficiency was further maximized with the incorporation of two compartments in the big oven, allowing for the simultaneous heating of 32 drums. This bespoke design stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering tailored and efficient solutions to our clients. By addressing the specific needs of Munzing Malaysia, we have not only streamlined the gel-to-liquid transformation process but also significantly enhanced overall production efficiency.

Advanced Components Supplied with Dpstar Solution

  • Maltec-H Finned Heater: Engineered for optimal heat transfer, ensuring rapid and uniform heating of drum contents.
  • Maltec-T Type K Thermocouple: High-precision temperature sensing, providing accurate data for precise control of the heating process.
  • Shimaden Temp Controller: A sophisticated temperature control system offering reliability and precision in managing the heating elements.
  • Simex Multicon Paperless Recorder: Advanced recording system for real-time monitoring and documentation of crucial process parameters.
  • ABB Breaker: Robust circuit breaker ensuring electrical safety and protection within the heating system.
  • Celduc SSR (Solid State Relay): Efficient and reliable switching of heating elements, contributing to the overall responsiveness and control of the system.

The implementation of the Dpstar Solution, equipped with these state-of-the-art components, marks a pivotal step towards ensuring the client’s commitment to operational excellence and meeting the diverse demands of their industries.