Ensuring Optimal Environmental Conditions for Safety & Comfort

Dpstar is a leading engineering company with extensive experience in a range of industries, we successfully designed and installed a state-of-the-art HVAC Control System for operation theaters in a healthcare facility. The project presented unique challenges, including creating a controlled environment that meets strict regulatory requirements while providing maximum comfort and safety for patients and healthcare professionals.

Our expertise in engineering and commitment to excellence enabled us to tackle the complexity of the project. Our objective was to regulate temperature, humidity, and room pressure during surgical procedures to minimize the risk of infections and complications that patients may face. To meet this objective, we provided a custom-engineered solution that incorporated cutting-edge technology and advanced features. Our HVAC control system solution includes a PLC system and touch screen interface that enable precise control and monitoring of the environment in the operation theaters.

The PLC system serves as the brain of the HVAC control system, receiving inputs from a network of sensors that continuously monitor the operation theaters’ temperature, humidity, and pressure levels. These inputs allow the PLC to make real-time adjustments to the HVAC equipment, ensuring optimal environmental conditions for the patients and healthcare professionals. The touch screen interface provides a user-friendly platform for staff to monitor and control the operation theaters’ environmental parameters. The interface displays real-time readings from the sensors and allows staff to make adjustments to the system parameters as needed. In case of any changes outside the regulatory guidelines, the system’s fail-safe mechanism ensures immediate response and alerts the staff.

Additionally, the HVAC Control System with a PLC allows for remote monitoring and control, providing an added layer of safety and control. Staff can monitor and adjust the system from a central location, reducing the need for physical presence in the operation theaters. Our custom-engineered solution provides a comprehensive approach to monitoring, controlling, and maintaining the operation theaters’ environment. The system’s advanced features and cutting-edge technology ensure a safe and comfortable environment for patients and healthcare professionals, positioning our client as a leading healthcare provider.

Item Supplied

  • PLC System
  • Touch Screen
  • Installation & Commissioning