In the realm of temperature control solutions, Dpstar stands out as a reliable expert. Dpstar’s skill in developing advanced Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT) solutions became the foundation of this project. By understanding our client’s needs, we cater a solution that is a perfect fit for the challenge at hand. From the initial assessment stage to the final solution implementation, our teams worked hand in hand, ensuring a seamless exchange of insights and objectives. EcoOils is a prominent player in the chemical manufacturing industry. Operating across Malaysia and Indonesia, they excel in repurposing spent bleaching earth – a solid residue from the vegetable oil sector. EcoOils needed a reliable way to prevent their stored oil from freezing, and they turned to Dpstar for a tailored solution. Dpstar’s expertise in Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT) solutions positioned us as the ideal collaborator to design a strategy ensuring the stored oil’s optimal state, free from freezing vulnerabilities.

The project entails the installation of Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT) cables onto the bleacher tank, aimed at ensuring consistent temperature control. The tank is utilized to store processed oil, which requires a specific duration of storage before utilization. However, the ambient temperature poses a freezing risk to the oil. To counter this challenge, it is imperative to maintain the tank at an elevated temperature, effectively preventing the oil from freezing within the storage, safeguarding its usability and integrity.

The project is designed with the following key objectives:

  • Preventing Freezing
  • Maintaining Consistent Temperature
  • Enhancing Storage Efficiency
  • Preserving Product Integrity
  • Long-Term Sustainability
  • Reliable Performance

Dpstar seamlessly executed a comprehensive solution that successfully addressed EcoOils’ critical challenge of preventing oil freezing within their storage tanks. Our expertise extended across every phase of the project, ensuring a holistic approach that encompassed the design, engineering, installation, and commissioning of the cutting-edge Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT) system. We strategically designed an EHT system to maintain the tanks’ temperature and ensure the oil remains in its liquid state, no longer susceptible to freezing. Our technical experts executed the installation process, integrating the EHT system into the existing infrastructure. Self-regulating EHT cables were strategically positioned on the tank’s exterior, generating controlled heat to prevent the oil from reaching freezing temperatures. After installation, rigorous testing and commissioning were conducted to validate the system’s effectiveness. This comprehensive approach guaranteed that the solution seamlessly aligned with ECO OIL Sdn.Bhd.’s operational needs.

The implemented EHT system utilizes advanced control panels and temperature sensors to monitor and regulate the tank’s temperature in real-time. As the temperature drops, the self-regulating EHT cables increase heat output, preventing freezing and ensuring the stored oil’s optimal state. Dpstar’s exceptional solution empowered ECO OIL Sdn.Bhd. to maintain their oil at the required temperature, safeguarding product quality and operational efficiency. This successful venture showcased our unwavering commitment to delivering transformative solutions and engineering excellence, solidifying our role as a trusted partner in temperature control innovation.

Items Supplied

  • EHT Chromolox SRME15- 290m
  • UPC Ex box-2 units
  • Control Panel- 1 unit (For temperature display/and regulate power)