Dpstar combine science and technology to create unique solutions that help companies turn ideas into action. Our solutions set the standard for yield, efficiency, and safety across a wide range of industries. Whatever your product needs, we can meet it with precision and passion. Since early 90’s, Dpstar have been creating innovative solutions that have helped our clients to produce many of the best products on the market. We love digging deep and exploring possibilities and then using our experience and expertise to distil our research and trials into the perfect solution. We engineer customized solutions that focus on delivering results and helping you reach your production goals. Our mission is to turn your product ideas into reality, and we’re excited to solve challenges and experiment with new concepts.

Dpstar designs, manufactures and installs tailored-made PLC control systems solutions for clients across a range of industries. We provide customised solutions as well as superior quality services, products and solutions with cost effective approaches to our customers to ensure long-term satisfaction in the water treatment industry. Dpstar offer services and solutions for your commercial and industrial water treatment needs throughout Malaysia.

We have provided PLC control system for inline circulation heater to heat up and maintain incoming DI water temperature to 60° and transfer to Plating line. Kudos to the Dpstar’s team efforts and commitment, the sales & engineering team was able to complete the project on schedule. Our team went above and beyond to ensure that they delivered an outstanding product, in spite of challenging circumstances.

Item Supplied

  • Omron PLC (24DI/DO)
  • 580amps SCR
  • Control Panel
  • Hanyong
  • Terasaki