Dpstar draws on decades of experience to tailor our integrated cleanroom solutions to your facility’s specific requirements. This way, we ensure that the cleanroom environment is being controlled, monitored, and securely stored accordingly. Our extensive portfolio includes standardized solutions in the field of cleanroom technology for all application scenarios. Through comprehensive integration of all components, we create single solutions that meet the specific requirements of your cleanroom environment. We have delivered ideal solutions for cleanroom technology systems to ensure a high cleanroom classification. Dpstar’s solutions are designed to make sure your systems work together maximizing both comfort and energy efficiency while reducing energy expenses. Whether new construction or retrofit applications, Dpstar’s expert can help you to design, install, integrate and maintain your control system with efficient energy management. Dpstar’s solutions have the flexibility and scalability to adapt, and deliver results for your building environment.

Cleanrooms depend on precisely controlled environmental conditions. To minimize contamination risks and protect people and assets, their technological infrastructure must adhere to the most stringent quality standards. It’s important that engineers in the semiconductor industry have access to specialized HVAC equipment that meets the bleeding edge demand in the field. All aspects of the semiconductor manufacturing industry require specialized ventilation equipment to maintain production efficiency. Our client wanted to upgrade the existing system HVAC for local use if the remote is down. The project required Dpstar’s solution to monitor AHU behavior by giving data parameters through Modbus configuration and using PLC as a gateway to communicate with SCADA. AHU systems are part of HVAC systems, which provide free hygienic air to rooms. Air is re-circulated as a part of ventilation and also helps in energy saving and management.

The aim of the project is to automate the air handling process to the room, with the help of PLC programming done in ladder logic. AHU screen is developed in SCADA, monitoring, and controlling processing parameters (temperature, humidity, air velocity, pressure, etc..) as per the set point with the use of PID control, and VFD drives are done in real-time is the objective of the project. Along with that safety precautions like motor safety, emergency stop, are also easily monitored in SCADA. A graphical view of the process is observed and recorded. We installed a Vaisala RH/Temperature sensor on the return ducting AHU (air handling unit) for Texas Instrument Philippine HVAC system for their clean room. Vaisala is used together with Shimaden controller to control the heater as output to stabilize the humidity in AHU. We also modified programs to add new I/O tags for the existing programs and supplied new analog cards for Siemens PLC.

Items Supplied

  • Vaisala RH/Temperature sensor
  • Shimaden controller
  • Siemens PLC
  • Programming service
  • Commissioning & Installation