Choosing the right equipment to deliver WFI ensures the desire flow and temperature at the point of use. Energy efficiency and maintenance requirements are the key criteria for the selection of heating and cooling equipment. Dpstar has the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to create custom sanitary immersion heaters to meet the specific requirements of your project and application. With nearly 30 years of collective experience, we know what it takes to build a quality sanitary immersion heater for the pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries.

Items Supplied

MALTEC-H (CE Certified) Sanitary Immersion Heater
Power: 415V 30KW
Sheath Material: S/S 316L Seamless, Electropolish To <0.4 Micron Ra
Process Connection: 6” Sanitary Tri-clamp

Talk to the sales engineers at Dpstar about your industry and application. Available in a wide variety of sizes, materials, wattages, and designs, each sanitary immersion heater element can be used to heat aqueous solutions including water, heat transfer fluids, corrosive solutions, and oil.